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Carlos Beltran & HOF, Historic Losing Streak, RBI is the Most Important Stat

By Mike Silva ~ July 26th, 2011. Filed under: Morning Digest.

I called Carlos Beltran a “potential Hall of Famer” in an article yesterday. That brought some questions that I figured I would answer this morning.

Is Beltran headed for the Hall of Fame? Going into this season he’s had six seasons that I believe are Hall worthy (’01,’03, ’04, ’06-’08). Diving deeper into his advanced statistics he is 7th all time in center field Wins Above Replacement (WAR), ahead of Kirby Puckett and Richie Ashburn; he ranks 23rd in OPS+. Very rarely do you see centerfielders with a combination of speed, power, and defensive ability like Beltran. Another five homers and eight stolen bases, and he will become the eighth player all time with 300 home runs and 300 stolen bases.

By no means is Beltran a “lock” candidate for the Hall, but he is definitely worthy of discussion. Especially since many of his counterparts have the cloud of steroids above them.


The Yankees beat Seattle yesterday for the M’s 16th straight loss. They are closing in the 1962 Mets streak of 17 games. Want to remember that season?

Here is a short video below:


The record for most losses in a row is 24 by the Cleveland Spiders in 1899. The Baltimore Orioles hold the American League record for 21 in a row in, which happened in 1988.


Even Seattle’s Triple-A club is in a funk. Check out Jeremy Moore of the Salt Lake Bees hit an inside the park grand slam off the Tacoma Rainiers.


I was having a discussion with NYBD contributor Joe Delgrippo who has always disagreed with the notion that runs batted in is a useless stat:

What I have figured out is that they all scream about OBP, OBP

Then when a team does no score runs they all scream about hitting with runners in scoring position.

RBI is still the most important offensive stat.

Tough to hit with runners in scoring position, lots of nerves running thru the body at that point

I never thought about how the perception of the hitter changes with runners on base. That’s the problem with those that dismiss clutch hitting, or believe that RBI is a useless stat. There is the human element that can’t be quantified in that situation.

Of course, players can’t control when they hit with ducks on the pond, but a good run producer should maximize his chances even when it’s limited.

With 1,883 RBI there is a good chance Alex Rodriguez will become the all time RBI leader, which is currently held by Hank Aaron (2,297).


Brian McTaggart of MLB.com reports that Astros first round pick George Springer did indeed meet with the general manager of the independent league Long Island Ducks on Saturday. Springer, a 21-year-old outfielder, was selected No. 11 overall out of the University of Connecticut.

This wouldn’t be the first time a college kid used Independent Baseball to keep fresh. Diamondbacks shortstop Stephen Drew played 19 games in the Atlantic League in 2005 for the Camden Riversharks. Drew hit .427 with 4 homers and 18 RBI.

Eight years earlier J.D. Drew spent two seasons playing for the St. Paul Saints. After being drafted by the Phillies in the first round in 1997, he elected not to sign and spent the entire year in the Northern League. He played another 30 games in 1998 before he was drafted and signed by the St. Louis Cardinals that June. In 74 total Northern League games J.D had 27 homers, 83 RBI, and a .359 batting average.

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5 Responses to Carlos Beltran & HOF, Historic Losing Streak, RBI is the Most Important Stat

  1. Dave

    Funny thing is that #8 on that all time center field WAR list, also ranked ahead of Richie Ashburn and Kirby Puckett, is Andruw Jones. I don’t know many people that talk about him as a “potential Hall of Famer.”

    On the other hand… I guess you could say, in a literal sense, that every MLBer is a “potential Hall of Famer.” I just personally thought it was a little overboard to describe Carlos Beltran that way in your post. It was a small quibble with an otherwise excellent point you made.

  2. Chuck Johnson


    The Yankees don’t pick up Swisher’s option.

    They sign Beltran to a five year, 80 million deal.

    He performs the next five years at 80% of his current career totals.

    The Yanks win two WS titles during that time.

    Beltran is a first ballot HOFer.

    Even the sabermetric idiots could formulate a contrary argument.

  3. Brien Jackson

    “Even the sabermetric idiots could formulate a contrary argument.”

    Scenario: The Yankees sign me tomorrow, I go straight to the big leagues, hit 85 home runs next year and end my 10 year career with 790 of them. I’m a first ballot Hall of Famer. You can’t argue with that.

  4. Chuck Johnson

    Again, solid insight Brien..thanks for sharing

  5. Brien Jackson

    Hey, it’s more relevant than the idea of the Yankees declining Swisher’s option and signing Beltran to a 5 year over-market deal. Not nearly as comical though, that I concede.

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