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Portland Sea Dogs Key to Beltran Deal?

By Mike Silva ~ July 21st, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Earlier today I talked about how I liked the Boston prospects over any other organization. Although I haven’t seen many of these kids play, I looked at their numbers and historically trust the judgment of Theo Epstein’s front office. I also think Beltran would be a nice fit in the Red Sox lineup this year and going forward.

Earlier tonight, Binghamton Mets beat reporter Lynn Worthy wrote that “Double-A prospects could be a factor in a potential trade between the Mets and Red Sox.”

ESPN Boston lists outfielders Josh Reddick and Ryan Kalish, shortstop Jose Iglesias, pitchers Anthony Ranaudo and Felix Doubront, and Sea Dogs third baseman Will Middlebrooks as top Mets targets. Peter Gammons of the MLB Network heard Chih-Hsien Chiang’s name come up as someone the Mets like. J.P Ricciardi was in Portland this week watching the B-Mets play the Sea Dogs.

Our good friend and NYBD contributor Jed Weisberger was kind enough to give me his thoughts earlier tonight. Jed has covered the Eastern League for years, and has seen Portland on numerous occasions. Out of all the above names he likes Like Iglesias, Chiang, and Doubront the best.

Iglesias is a shortstop that defected from Cuba in 2009 and has received a cup of coffee in Boston. Although a talented defender, his bat has yet to develop in pro ball. He is hitting .227 at Pawtucket with an OPS of .519. Although his bat needs work there are some that believe the 21 year old will develop into a solid line drive hitter. Obviously, Iglesias would be a potential replacement if Jose Reyes left via free agency after the season.

Chiang is having a corner outfielder that is having a breakout season in Portland (.330 with 16 homers and 69 RBI). Earlier in his MILB career he played 2b. He is 23 years old and should be able to help the Mets next season at some point. The fact he is of Taiwanese decent could be a very valuable marketing resource for the Mets with the large Asian community in Flushing.

Finally, Doubront is a 23 year old lefty that has a couple of cups of coffee in Boston the last two seasons. He’s primarily started in the minors, but could be used at the bullpen (as Boston did) in the big leagues. This year he’s 1-3 with a 3.28 ERA for Pawtucket. Sox Prospects says that “Doubront utilizes a 91-94 mph fastball, a very good 79-81 mph changeup with screwball action, and an impressive-but-inconsistent mid-70s curveball.” They also point out he has a solid demeanor on the mound. That is always a plus in my book.

Could a package of Chiang, Doubront, and Iglesias land Beltran? That’s a very intriguing combination. For what it’s worth, Beltran did confirm to reporters today that his preference was to stay in the National League. That would seemingly give teams like Atlanta and Philadelphia a leg up on the Red Sox.

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2 Responses to Portland Sea Dogs Key to Beltran Deal?

  1. Chuck Johnson

    Really, Jed?

    Chiang’s not a prospect. He’s in his sixth full season in the organization, is 23 years old, and repeating AA.

    In a very shallow organization.

    What he’s doing now is more blind dog finding a bone than an indication he’s “figured it out.”

    I’m actually watching the Pawtucket game and every time I see him I can’t believe how offensively inept Iglesias is.

    By the time he’s done, it won’t be called the “Mendoza line” anymore.

    Dubront? Eh.

    He’s older than Chiang, has been in the organization longer, and has never really shown the ability to be a major league starter.

    Sandy Alderson is no dummy. He’s going to make the Mets a contender, probably by mid 2012.

    He’s not going to trade Beltran, or anyone else for that matter, for someone else’s trash.

    Especially since he’s eating salary.

    Alderson will keep Beltran rather than trade him for dollar store leftovers.

    Sorry, but this ain’t happening.

  2. bousa

    Boston prospects are always overrated.

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