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Sign Stealing, Kim Jones Wardrobe Malfunction, LOOGY’s, Nolasco an Option?

By Mike Silva ~ July 17th, 2011. Filed under: Morning Digest.

So the Blue Jays are stealing signs illegally according to Joe Girardi? This isn’t the first team to fall into this category as the Phillies were accused of setting up cameras at Citizen’s Bank Park a couple of years ago.

Girardi points out that stealing signs from the base paths is illegal, but using equipment such as video or binoculars goes over the line. I agree with that, but what about an employee communicating pitch type and speed? Back in April, Keith Olbermann took a picture of Brett Weber, a baseball operations coaching assistant with the Yankees, relaying signs from the stands. Brian Cashman said he relaying the velocity of the pitches after the scoreboard at Yankee Stadium malfunctioned. It failed to show the radar gun readings that are posted after every pitch. Why would that be necessary?

I don’t remember when exactly scoreboards around baseball started to note the velocity and pitch type, but I would guess it was probably around 2000. What did teams do for 100 years before? How is this information pertinent? With all due respect Joe and Brian, the Yankees are always one to try and circumvent the rules themselves. Cashman admitted that much in Joe Girardi’s office during a conference with reporters in 2008. Don’t forget the Yankees circumvention of rules was the premise of the book “Pinstriped Defection.” Some of these rules would be violations of the Patriot Act today.

I am sure the Yankees and Blue Jays aren’t the only ones that partake in these practices. I just wonder if this is a situation where the Yankees are the proverbial “pot calling the kettle black.”


Despite the win it’s been a tough weekend in Toronto for the Yankees. YES’s Kim Jones had some wardrobe malfunctions.

Kim does a great job on YES. She also is very knowledgeable, and does a good job during her WFAN appearances.


The signing of Gustavo Chacin to a minor league deal shows the lack of left handed bullpen depth the Mets have in the system. If Tim Byrdak is traded they have Mike O’ Connor, but who else? The B-Mets have two lefties in Roy Merritt and Robert Carson. Merritt is on the DL and Carson is a starter. When he was pitching, Merrit was so ineffective in the bullpen they moved him to the rotation. Chacin hasn’t been productive in six years. In 2005 he won 13 games for Toronto and finished fifth for Rookie of the Year. Shoulder injuries have derailed his career since then. He had a 4.70 ERA And 1.8 WHIP with Houston in 2010.Pitching for Triple-A Oklahoma City he posted an ERA over five. He hasn’t been getting lefties out at a very high rate either.

I also don’t understand why the Mets haven’t employed two left-handers in the bullpen. Byrdak warms up every day to the point where his performance is impacted when he gets into the game. Why not send Manny Acosta down and call up O’ Connor? Acosta is only used in blowout situations anyway. O’ Connor has struggled since being sent back to Buffalo, but lefties are still only hitting .204 against him.

Maybe the acquisition of Chacin is a precursor to the recall of O’ Connor to the big leagues.


We start discussing the rumor mill on tonight’s radio program at 6pm. Our good friend Joe Demayo of St. Lucie to Flushing will be joining me to kick off the show. Hear us talk about the Carlos Beltran market, what the Mets are asking, and how stealth Sandy Alderson was in dealing K-Rod to Milwaukee. Good information that I know Mets fans will enjoy.


Speaking of the rumor mill, Ken Rosenthal spoke about Ubaldo Jimenez, the possibility of Ricky Nolasco being available, and how the Rays tried to acquire K-Rod last week.

<a href='http://msn.foxsports.com/video/?vid=8429eec6-0967-45aa-9560-6880f0f08017' target='_new' title='Full Count: Need for Nolasco' >Video: Full Count: Need for Nolasco</a>

With a Jimenez deal being so expensive, could Nolasco be a more realistic and less expensive option?

Back in December I wrote this after the Yanks lost out on Cliff Lee:

The best trade option might be Ricky Nolasco, although he, unlike Lowe, won’t come cheap. The Marlins were dangling him during the Winter Meetings so he’s available. Good control and a high strikeout rate make him the ideal National League pitcher who could succeed in the American League. His total numbers are a bit deceiving (4.51 ERA) as Nolasco sometimes has some very bad outings that inflate the ERA.

He is having a solid year in Florida with a 6-6 record and 3.51 ERA. He is signed through 2013 (3 year/$26.5) so he is controlled. You might be able to do an Austin Romine/Hector Noesi type of deal for Nolasco. I don’t have any concerns that he could translate to the American League.

Again, as I mentioned before, he is a guy prone to stinkers. But when he’s on you get more than a solid quality start.

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4 Responses to Sign Stealing, Kim Jones Wardrobe Malfunction, LOOGY’s, Nolasco an Option?

  1. Marit

    “the Yankees are always one to try and circumvent the rules themselves. Cashman admitted that much in Joe Girardi’s office during a conference with reporters in 2008.”

    That’s interesting; can you elaborate?

  2. FakeMikeSilva

    No, Marit. No, I can’t. I don’t do details. Haven’t you read the site?

  3. Mike Silva


    When I was covering the Yankees for another site in spring of 2008, Brian Cashman was in Girardi’s office joking about crazy roster moves they had to make over the years. They talked about calling up Adrian Hernandez, then he got sick, and then they had to call up someone else. He then cracked, probably not the first time we stretched the rules.

    Baseball is a league where 2+2=8, if you think teams play by the rules, especially the Yankees, I got a bridge to sell you.

    Read Pinstripes Defection. It will tell you all you need to know. The Yankees broke laws that would be violations of the Patriot Act today.

  4. Chuck Johnson

    Pretty damn disappointing malfunction.

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