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SNY on Kiner, Gangland, Reyes Video, Ubaldo an Injury Risk

By Mike Silva ~ July 16th, 2011. Filed under: Morning Digest.

Next Thursday SNY will be airing a special on Ralph Kiner at 7pm. Newsday’s Neil Best reports that among those interviewed are Tom Seaver, Keith Hernandez, Tim McCarver and Kiner himself. Rumor has it that you will hear about his date with Elizabeth Taylor.

Although I criticize the network for their lack of programming, when they do produce something its pretty good.


The Yankees probably can’t wait to get out of Toronto, but should they watch their backs while in town? Mark Feinsand of the Daily News tweets a photo of this sign in the Rogers Centre

What exactly is considered gang colors? A Phillies hat is sometimes worn. Oakland Raiders? So if the Phils are in town to play the Jays I should go incognito? Someone needs to explain this to me.


Twitter has become the “theatre of the absurd” when Christian Lopez has a fake account. The fake Lopez account almost duped me as we were scheduling an interview for Sunday’s show. He was good, but gave it away when he didn’t tweet about his appearance on Boomer & Carton. He also used the word “humbled” way too much.

It appears the account has been deleted after 48 hours of fun.


Jose Reyes is starring in and helped produce a new video for a reggae song called “No Hay Amigo.” Bob’s Blitz has a picture of the Reyes poster.


Check out the video below. Let’s just hope this was taped before the hamstring injury. Or hopefully it didn’t cause the hamstring injury.

If you go to the 2:20 mark there are some shots of Reyes memorabilia.

Also, you think this type of venture can be marketed as well in San Francisco, Cincinnati, or Milwaukee? Keep that in mind when he becomes a free agent.


I wrote yesterday how the Yankees should go “all out” to acquire Rockies ace Ubaldo Jimenez. I had a couple of fans point out that I didn’t speak about the possible risk of injury with such a deal. Jimenez was on the DL earlier this year with a cut on his thumb that prevented him from gripping the ball. Not something crippling. He does have a bit of a violent delivery, but when I Googled some still images of his delivery the mechanics don’t seem all that bad.

Mike Axisa from River Avenue Blues makes a great comparison to the haul the D-Backs sent to Oakland for Dan Haren. It cost them Carlos Gonzalez (now with Colorado), Brett Anderson, Chris Carter, Greg Smith, Aaron Cunningham, Connor Robertson, and Dana Eveland. That might have been the best deal of Billy Beane‘s tenure. If they held on to Gonzalez instead of dealing him for Matt Holliday it might look even better.

If that is the benchmark that Dan O’ Dowd is using that surely the Yankees would have to give up Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances, and one of Ivan Nova or Hector Noesi. In speaking with NYBD contributor Frank Russo last night he believes this package is too expensive and probably won’t happen. He does, however, believe that Cashman will work hard up until the deadline to acquire an ace. There is too much smoke around Jimenez for me to believe there isn’t a legitimate shot of the Yankees prying him away from Colorado.

We know they have the prospects, but do they have the desire to give up a ransom for him?

By the way… when you see what Oakland received for Haren, and then what the D-Backs sent to Anaheim for him (Joe Saunders) its like night and day.


You know what the Yankees really need? Another David Cone. In 1995 Cone was considered a rental to help bolster a shaky Yankees rotation down the stretch. Three year earlier the Blue Jays acquired Cone from the Mets for the same purpose. The prospects the Yankees gave up at the time (Marty Janzen, Jason Jarvis, Mike Gordon) were well regarded, especially Janzen. None ever panned out for Toronto so it turned out to be a steal.

Cone was square in his prime when the Yankees acquired him that summer. He would go on to re-sign with them that offseason and produce at an ace level for three and a half seasons. The rental turned into a mainstay. Cone’s signature playoff moment was gutting through the “must win” Game 3 of the World Series. The Yankees need to acquire someone that won’t just help them in 2011, but be here for a few years. Jimenez is probably the most realistic option when you consider the kind of prospects the Yankees will have to give up.


I know some of you may not have Cablevision or a Newsday subscription, but they ran a “Getting to Know Mike Francesa” in pictures over at their website. You can see photos of Mike (subscription required) during his days at CBS, early days at WFAN, and shooting the famous Manny’s commercial with Bill Parcells.

Take a look at Mike being photographed with his Long Beach, Long Island humble beginnings as the backdrop.


Shannon at Mets Police has the Channel 9 opening from the 1988 season.

I remember that opening and that year well. Check out the Monday Night Baseball opening from that same season. Hear Al Michaels do the voice over.

The MNB opening has some cool highlights of an August series against the Pirates. If you remember, that series basically ending the Buccos hopes of winning the NL East that year.


Keith Hernandez hanging sheetrock? He is working this weekend in the SNY booth. I wonder if this will force him to skip the next road trip. SNY had some video of Keith doing more “supervisor work” during the Habitat for Humanity outing with Ron Darling and Gary Cohen. Seriously, good job by the Mets during these alumni weekends to incorporate the community.


I know there are a lot of people that don’t like Francisco Rodriguez, but I was never one of them. K-Rod’s end of the game antics actually have a personal connection (unlike the narcissistic Brian Wilson). What a great jesture by Rodriguez walking out the door to call Assemblyman Hakind and offer assistance to the family of the slain Leiby Kletzky.

Everyone talks about the incident in the Mets clubhouse last year. Yes, K-Rod was wrong for what he did that night, but there are two sides to every story. Everyone who has dealt with him has never had an issue. Sometimes spousal problems cause you to think irrationally. K-Rod has gone to counseling and appears to have turned his life around. Now that he’s agreed to waive his $17.5 million dollar vesting option he has an opportunity to close in Milwaukee and earn a new deal in free agency this coming winter.

I am happy for him and wish him well.

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  1. Tom

    I’m basically shocked to discover that Monday Night Baseball on ABC was still going in 1988. I would have sworn it was put to rest earlier than that. And that loss to LA in the ’88 playoffs still eats at me. That club was awesome, more talented than the ’86 Mets.

  2. Stu B

    I was at Shea on 7/29/88, that Friday night, when Ojeda beat John Smiley, 1-0, on Elster’s dinger.

  3. Mike Silva

    I remember watching that game on TV Stu. Shea was rocking that weekend.

  4. Will in Central NJ

    Mike—keep up the good work. Friendly nudge to the ribcage—the expression is “Hang Sheetrock”. You lay carpeting, or sod, but not Sheetrock.

  5. Mike Silva


    I use to work for Black and Decker/Dewalt – you would think I would know that LOL – a handyman I am not. But that Keith picture might be the “moment of 2011″

  6. Stu B

    Bill Clinton might try to lay sheetrock, LOL!

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