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Yanks Should Go “All Out” For Ubaldo Jimenez

By Mike Silva ~ July 15th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

Earlier today, we discussed how the Rockies had requested an expensive package from the Yankees for Ubaldo Jimenez. George King of the NY Post reported this afternoon the Yankees had scouts in attendance last night for Jimenez’s start against the Brewers. Even if it costs Brian Cashman Jesus Montero and two of the three Killer B’s I would pull the trigger on a deal to bring Jimenez to the Bronx.

Jimenez is the exact type of starter the Yankees should be looking to acquire. He is young, controllable, and is a top of the rotation type of arm. Forget the struggles of April, since then he’s produced at a similar level to 2010 when he went 19-8 with a 2.88 ERA.  What young pitcher in the Yankees possession has the upside of Jimenez? Not Ivan Nova or Hector Noesi. Even upper level prospects like Adam WarrenD.J. Mitchell, and David Phelps profile more as mid to bottom of the rotation types. Most would say Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances, but let’s see them get some outs above Double-A before we anoint them aces. In other words, the answer is no one.

Pitchers with American League ace pedigree like Jered Weaver and Felix Hernandez are pipe dreams. Francisco Liriano is more of an “occasional ace” and an injury risk. Veterans like Derek LoweTed Lilly, and Wandy Rodriguez are nice, but I am not sure are the upgrade this team needs to nail down the American League. Acquiring Jimenez would be the equivalent of what Texas did last year with Cliff Lee. In short, the Yankees would win the pennant in July. The best part is the friendly contract. Jimenez is signed through 2013 (the 2014 option voids if he is traded) and the Yankees would owe him only $13 million total the next two years. It’s possible the Yankees could pry Ty Wigginton away from Colorado in the deal to fill the vacated bench role by the injured Eric Chavez.

How serious are the Rockies in dealing Jimenez? If you listen to the Denver media they aren’t. But why would there be such a contingency of scouts (17 total) to view his last start? How could Colorado GM Dan O’ Dowd turn down the kind of prospect haul the Yankees could offer? Montero, Banuelos, and Betances would give them three of the top 50 prospects in baseball. Even if only one of the B’s goes West landing arms like Warren, Noesi, or Nova isn’t such a downgrade.

I had my doubts the Yankees could find a starter that would be worth giving up any of their prospects. I was ready to concede they may need to overpay for Liriano to shore up their rotation. If Jimenez is on the block Brian Cashman can’t let this one slip away. He has the prospects to make this deal. The Yankees have shown they will never give the kids a chance to play anyway. Bring in a top of the rotation talent and win the American League Pennant today.

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6 Responses to Yanks Should Go “All Out” For Ubaldo Jimenez

  1. T.O. Chris

    We don’t agree often Mike, but you are dead on with this one! I’m a huge Cashman fan, and a big Montero and Banuelos fan as well. But if Cashman let’s prospects get in the way of this one I’ll be upset. Young, power pitching aces don’t come along a lot, and when they do you have to jump. I’d be willing to move forward with a package of Montero, Banuelos, Betances, and Nova if need be. That group may out career WAR Jimenez, but his value to the team this year and going forward is worth it.

    The Yankees immediately become equal too, or better than the Red Sox for chance to come out of the AL this year. Plus with Sabathia, and Jimenez at the top of the rotation the Yankees qualify for having one of the top 2 or 3 1-2 punches in baseball for the next 4-7 years.

    I can understand wanting to hang on to the upside of Banuelos, Montero, and to a lesser degree Betances, but I can see any one of them having the kind of impact Ubaldo will for this team.

  2. joe fox

    are you kidding me…dream on, there is no way, Ubaldo loves Denver and Denver loves Ubaldo..O’dowd isnt that dumb

  3. nycsportzfan

    i couldent agree more, i’ve said the same thing Mike.. Hes a young top of the line ACE, u don’t find those often.. His last 9starts, which include 3against the AL, hes thrown 7games of 2ers or less and the other 2games he gave up 3ers, and hes K’d 54men.. Hes back to last yrs stuff, and obviously just had a rough start to the yr..

    U could in essence secure Jimenez, then go to HOU and get Keppinger, and then down to Florida and get Choate, because the yanks farm system is so very deep, and that would be a massive help to the stretch run.. Maybe go for broke and bring in Jimenez and go hard for Pence, the system is deep enough to do both deals, or see if COL will add Ty Wigginton to the deal, or maybe Huston Street, and up our pot alittle..

  4. Bill

    With Jimenezhaving the problems he’s had this year, and really just one stud year in the bigs, he is not worth the three top prospects in the system. I’d like to get him, but not for two B’s and Montero. Montero no problem. Fill the package with lesser prospects than the B’s and maybe.

  5. Mike Silva


    Thanks for the heads up on the typo- sometimes being a writer, radio host, and editor gives you tunnel vision. Ask any women I have been with and they will say “attention to detail” is not a strength. Continue to work on it!

    As for Jimenez. The reason I think it will cost them 2 B’s is because of the controllable status. O’ Dowd doesn’t need to trade him. My preference is to ride out this team, but with vets like Rivera, Jeter, A-Rod in their late prime, and Teixeira/CC in their prime you probably need to go for it all now. You are going to wait 3 years for the B’s to be viable starters? Yankees haven’t done it yet, doubt they will do it now.

    Great comment. Thank You!

  6. LEO

    I’ve seen Montero, Romine & Banuelos play and pitch; Yankees, PLEASE KEEP THEM !!!
    As for getting Ubaldo, I’d deal off $ young righties.
    Nova-Noesi-Mitchell-Warren. Four good young solid pitchers for Jimanez.
    Ubaldo is worth it! Both Banuelos the lefty and t he huge righty Betances could move to the AAA club soon anyways. DO the deal!

    PS—AJ Burnett is tipping his pitches. I wrote Rothschild the pitching coach to watch what I saw…let’s hope it helps out AJ. I love it when he awards the game star a “PIE” after a game-winning hit…

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