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Morning Digest: Al Michaels and Bob Costas Edition

By Mike Silva ~ July 9th, 2011. Filed under: Morning Digest.

It’s weird hearing Al Michaels and Bob Costas do baseball. For me, it’s been so long since Michaels did MLB that I can’t see him doing anything but the NFL. I always think of the dramatic flair that Costas added to Michael Jordan’s final days with the Bulls in the NBA Finals against Utah.

With that said, they weren’t terrible together, just nothing special. The real issue with parachuting in to a baseball season is there is so much background for someone to cover. For example, they talked about how Oliver Perez is probably on a “Greek Island enjoying his contract.” Actually, no. Perez is playing for Double-A Harrisburg in the Nationals system (2-1, 2.48). A minor detail, but you have to be fair to someone if you are going to take a swipe.

I think the big issue with the two in the booth is that both are play-by-play guys, and I sensed Michaels didn’t enjoy taking the secondary position doing the color. I will say they were no less informed or worse than some of what we’ve heard from Tim McCarver and Joe Buck on FOX.

I do agree with Shannon at Mets Police that Costas/Michaels tandem added some post-season aspect to the broadcast.

In my opinion, they would be a better tandem than Buck and McCarver.


Did you see the two Mets events replayed that Michaels and Costas were a part of?

Costas actually was the sideline guy during the 1986 World Series. He talked about being in the Red Sox locker room in the 10th inning of Game 6 when on the MLB Network’s Greatest Games with Bob Ojeda, Darryl Strawberry, and Bill Buckner. It was aired on SNY the other night, and I suggest you watch it. It was a very emotional moment for Buckner and you could see him relive the pain during the program.

Anyway, they replayed Costas doing the call of Robin Ventura’s “Grand Slam Single.” Michaels was the play-by-play guy when Mike Scioscia took Doc Gooden deep in Game 4 of the ’88 NLCS; A moment that changed the franchise for many years.  I remember where I was for both of those moments.

1999 wasn’t the pennant winning year, but I had the most fun ever watching the team that summer.


I am not shocked that Keith Hernandez was off after working Friday’s Subway Series game. I am shocked he didn’t make the trip this week to his hometown of San Francisco. The only person in sports media with a better vacation schedule than Mex is WFAN’s Mike Francesa.


What do you think of the Vin Scully movement that originally was started by the Daily ‘Stache on Facebook? Basically, it was a petition to allow Scully to announce this year’s World Series before he heads off into the sunset and retires. Joe Buck caught wind of it and thinks it’s a great idea.

One of my first baseball experiences that I remember is the 1986 World Series. I was nine years old and Scully’s voice was always associated with the postseason up until 1988, which was the last time he did the Fall Classic.

For as much as Bob Murphy was the  Mets radio voice, the 1986 World Series call on Buckner’s grounder will always bring memories of Scully’s “little roller up along first….behind the bag… here comes Knight and the Mets win it” call.

I hope Scully decides to do the Fall Classic for old times’ sake.

There is no one better in the history of baseball at in game announcing than Vin Scully.


Didn’t I say Brian Wilson hanging out with Charlie Sheen was bad news? This guy is heartbreak waiting to happen for Giants fans. Scott Hairston coming off the bench to take him deep is a real scenario I could see happen in the postseason to Wilson. He is down almost three strikeouts per nine, and his walk rate is approaching five. Unless you have a 15 per nine K-rate like David Robertson, you can’t survive out of the bullpen with that walk rate.

Too much partying could contribute to something like that. I think the Showtime special, spoils of the World Series, and too much partying might derail Wilson and the Giants in the ninth.


Good to see Nick Evans get his first hit of the season. He has yet to seize the opportunity when called upon the last three years. One of the reasons he is stuck in Buffalo is that no other team claimed him on waivers when he was sent down.

I don’t know if he fits on this roster, but Jason Pridie hasn’t seen much time, and perhaps Evans could play himself into a RH pinch hit role if he has a few more moments like this. I don’t see Pridie with much of a role anymore since Angel Pagan has returned.


I said after the Mets lost to Texas two Friday’s ago that it was the “beginning of the end.” I thought they needed to go 9-7, minimum, to even stay in the race. Along the way I saw a softer schedule for the Braves, who would have a chance to put the Wild Card race away early.

After last night’s 5-2 win over the Giants, the Mets are 9-5 during this stretch with two games left. They have achieved the minimum, but could still see themselves 8.5 back of Atlanta by the end of the weekend.

What I have learned is this team probably has the depth to compete when their stars come back. Assuming that Wright, Reyes, and Davis played to their historical trends it would have been interesting to see how far this group could have gone.

Unfortunately, there might be enough time to catch up if and when that happens.


Terry Collins continues to talk up how the group looks up to Carlos Beltran. I never remember hearing so much about his leadership in the past. I am sure it existed, but he was overshadowed by Carlos Delgado‘s presence, and spent the next two seasons playing very little due to injuries.

If the Mets get a good prospect offer for Beltran they have to take it and move him. If they don’t, why mess up a good thing? I think trading Beltran would symbolize waiving the white flag (assuming Reyes isn’t dealt). K-Rod is a very replaceable part, even if they are in a pennant race, but Beltran sounds like he’s become the heart and soul of this club.

Why give him away for nothing if he’s become that important to the group?

Winning this season, even if it’s just 85 games, is important to the franchise going forward.


The real losers on Friday were fans that paid a premium on the secondary market to buy tickets for the Rays-Yankees game in order to see Derek Jeter‘s 3,000th hit. According to Seatgeek, the prices are over 200% of face value. Basically paid to see the Rays take on the Yankees in August. A game that probably will mean nothing for Tampa.

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2 Responses to Morning Digest: Al Michaels and Bob Costas Edition

  1. tnt1528

    anybody remember before cable there was something called monday night baseball?(abc channel )it had al michaels and keith jackson for announcers. the games started at 8 and was done before 11….michaels talked about perez because they were mentioning contract of a met they would like to relieve themself of.then michaels made the comment, he was joking about perez,relax and dont take it so serious.besides perez wouldnt have hit water if he fell off that boat.

  2. Mike Silva


    I remember the Monday Night Baseball broadcasts in 1987. I was kind of young to appreciate the announcers.

    Michaels did the ’85 World Series if I remember correctly.

    It was a minor critique about the Perez comment. But they should have known his whereabouts

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