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Dave Sims on Yanks Acquiring King Felix: “Never Going to Happen”

By Mike Silva ~ July 5th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

I had the pleasure of Seattle Mariners television broadcaster Dave Sims joining me for a few minutes on Sunday’s holiday podcast. We talked about his time here in New York on WFAN, but we also discussed the state of the Mariners. When I brought up how Yankees fans would love to see Felix Hernandez in pinstripes this is what he said:

“Yankees fans need to get off that train of thought that he’s coming there. It’s not going to happen. He loves it in Seattle. Its second year of a long term contract; built a home here; raising a family here. I’d say the likelihood of him being dealt to the Yankees, unless you want to start the conversation with Robinson Cano and we could add a couple of other names in there, you could pretty much forget about it.

Before Dave left I joked about maybe things could change and Seattle could wind up sending King Felix to the East Coast. He left me with this:

“Never going to happen. You really need to leave that alone. It’s not going to happen.”

Brian Cashman made it clear he tried very hard to acquire Hernandez this offseason. The Yankees and Mariners nearly pulled off a Cliff Lee deal last July.

I wonder if a package of Robinson CanoJesus Montero, and one of the Killer B’s is worth considering for both sides. Cano has come back to earth this season, but still is an elite hitter, and the Yankees probably have enough offense without him in the lineup. Imagine a 1-2 of CC Sabathia and King Felix?

The Yankees could put Eduardo Nunez at second base. Not the stick of Cano, but he has some pop. Remember, pitching wins in a short series. Do the Yankees have enough to win over the course of 162 games? Yes. Do they have enough in a short series? Maybe, but probably not against a healthy Red Sox team. They may need to start to consider balancing their offense and pitching like the Phillies.

So Brian Cashman and Jack Z, what do you think?

To listen to the entire Dave Sims interview download the replay of the show and fast forward to the 35 minute mark.

You can also check out more about Dave Sims at his official website.

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5 Responses to Dave Sims on Yanks Acquiring King Felix: “Never Going to Happen”

  1. Chuck Johnson

    Minor correction…

    “Imagine a 1-2 of CC Sabathia and King Felix?”

    Should be the other way around.

    I met Dave a few times in the late ’80′s, early ’90′s when he was doing St. John’s games and after he went to ESPN.

    Great voice, and a really nice guy.

  2. spike

    Why on earth would Seattle want an expensive Cano and a Montero who is looking more like he will neither catch nor hit like a star on the ML level in exchange for the toughest commodity in baseball to acquire and develop? More NYcentrism withought the slightest thought given to why Seattle would do this.

  3. rbt

    I’m with you, Spike. I’m not a Mariners fan but I’ll say this in defense of them: The rest of us out here are sick of the Yankees entitlement mentality. “When are the Mariners going to wake up and realize that they’re SUPPOSED to send us King Felix just because we’re the Yankees?” Waah waah. Just stop it.

  4. Deez

    You guys are forgetting…..King Felix obviously isn’t that concerned with winning which is his right although it seems weird. As long as we don’t have to hear the constant whining about Felix not getting any run support for the next 3-5 years I’m cool.

    Also, not sure if King Felix likes the idea of leaving a pitchers park for a hitters park like Yankee Stadium, might not look quite as good.

  5. WILL

    Yankees can win without Felix. Enjoy your 1-0 losses Mariners fans. You ain’t winning that division anytime soon with the Angels and Rangers. And yes as Yankee fans we feel entitled to good players because we’re used to winning champions so $uck it.

    I can’t wait until he blows his arm out from pitching 250 innings on a 100 loss team. Jack Z is on some serious narcs if he thinks the Mariners are contending in this decade.

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