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Buzz in the Citi, Wall of Flushing, D-Rob MVP, A-Rod Recruiting?

By Mike Silva ~ July 2nd, 2011. Filed under: Morning Digest.

There was a certain “buzz” at Citi Field for the Subway Series opener last night. Those that were in the building said it was the best since it opened.

There were a lot of Yankees fans in attendance (rough estimate was 55/45 Mets), which may have contributed to it. Let’s be honest, Mets fans have been “sit on their hands” type of fan base since 2007. It may, however, mean that I have been hasty in calling the Subway Series the “jump the shark series.” Not since 2006 have both these teams been playing well like they were going into this weekend. One or the other has been in the midst of a losing streak, or has some kind of off the field drama going on that supersedes it. For the first time in a long time it was just about two teams that were playing good baseball.


Could it help the series is play in July? I think the May series, whether it’s at Yankee Stadium or Citi Field, is just too early for the intensity. I don’t think baseball can get really intense until June, more likely, July. School is out, summer is here, and the standings are now starting to take shape for a pennant race. Maybe back-to-back weekends would make sense; they will never do my idea of a 4 games set with a home and home split for the weekend; perhaps the late June/early July back to back weekend will give this thing some more juice. Of course, both teams playing well may make it moot and it could be played in the cold of January on the moon.


The Yankees have gone five straight Citi Field games without a home run. According to the Wall Street Journal only 50% of the Yankees homer at the Stadium would have cleared the Citi Field fence. Check out the graph here.


Mark Teixeira told Eddie Coleman on the postgame that David Robinson might be the team’s MVP because of what he’s done in the absence of Joba Chamberlain, Pedro Feliciano, and Rafael Soriano.

Robertson might be the best middle reliever in baseball right now. He has a 1.08 ERA, struck out 15 batters per nine innings, and yet to give up a home run. His walk rate is atrocious (5 per 9), but if you miss bats at the rate he does it might not matter.

Would I call him the MVP? Probably not, as Curtis Granderson carried this offense when it was slumping. I would have to agree with Teixeira that D-Rob is one of the most important Yankees of the first half.


I am rooting for Taylor Buchholz in his battle against anxiety and depression. I heard a couple of weeks ago that his issues might be more than just a shoulder problem, but I didn’t think it was my place to talk about someone else’s mental health. I recently interviewed Bill Pulsipher, who went through similar issues. You should check out an article that Pulsipher wrote for Baseball America back in the nineties. It outlines his battle with depression, and hopefully will make those who don’t understand it more sympathetic to his plight. Here is a quick excerpt:

ST. LOUIS–I’ll never forget the first day I felt my world crashing down on me.

It was April 1997–Opening Night in Syracuse, when I was on rehab with the Mets at Triple-A Norfolk. My elbow had blown out 12 months before and I was all hyper, itching to make my first start. But something was wrong. Weird wrong. Terrifying wrong.

I woke up in the Ramada Inn like a colt burning to burst from the gates. Jitters, but normal jitters. When I got to the park, though, I felt all strange. This feeling of dread had been injected into my bloodstream and was pulsing through me faster and faster. And then I walked past the poster–the one of me and Paul Wilson and Jason Isringhausen–in the visitors clubhouse. Generation K. We were going to turn around the Mets. Then we all got hurt. I was the first one to come back. But on this first night in Syracuse, as I looked at that poster, the cocky Bill Pulsipher in the picture might as well have been someone else.

The butterflies fluttered out of my stomach and into my arms, my legs, my neck, everything. My hands began to drip. It was freezing that night–yet sweat was pouring out of me. I tried to pretend everything was normal, but during the long walk out to the bullpen for warmups I knew it wasn’t. That fear was confirmed when my first toss went right over the catcher’s head.

“Hey man, relax,” my bullpen catcher told me. “Just try to relax.”

Relax? That only got me more antsy, more confused. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I tried to chalk it up to Opening Day nerves, and made my way out to the mound for a fresh start there. I walked the first batter. Then the next guy bunted. I fielded it. And threw it into center field. Guys running all over the place . . .

People in the stands thought it was


Kevin Kernan talks about how Alex Rodriguez calls Jose Reyes the “world’s greatest player” at shortstop. Check out this excerpt:

Not only that, Rodriguez texts Reyes when he gets the chance, too.

“He texted me like three days ago,” Reyes said. “He loves to talk about the game. We text each other a lot.

Hmm… Reyes is a free agent. The guy at shortstop wasn’t exactly A-Rod’s best buddy when he came over. Imagine Reyes at the top of the Yankees lineup?

Could A-Rod be recruiting Reyes? If Reyes says to the Yankees I want to play for you, will they throw The Captain to the side if he doesn’t agree to move over? Brian Cashman squashed that idea a couple of days ago, but he was also the guy that didn’t want Rafael Soriano. Is there not a better offensive free agent on the market that fits their needs?

If I were Reyes I wouldn’t go to the Yankees. It’s impossible to replace someone like Jeter. The fans will be waiting for him to screw up. Remember how A-Rod was treated for years?

The money will be there regardless. He should stay where he is comfortable and successful: playing shortstop in Queens.


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  1. Chakrabs

    Honestly, I’m sick of playing the Yankees every damn year. I’m sick of their smug fanbase as well, especially since it seems as if Mets fans are becomign second-class citizens in their own home park! Frankly, playing them this often is a distinct disadvantage that only the Mets have to bear in the NL. Problem is, its going to be very hard to get rid of because it guarantees a full house for 6 games every year.

  2. Beebop

    OMG! Reyes and Beltran go to the Yanks? That’s a Mets’ fan nightmare. It might happen.

  3. Stu B

    If A-Rod is recruiting Reyes now, the Yankees would be guilty of tampering.

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