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Sausage Fest , Bullpen Management, Entrance Music, Radio Gossip

By Mike Silva ~ July 1st, 2011. Filed under: Morning Digest.

The guys at Nomaas call the Yankees three game sweep of the Brewers a “sausage fest.”


By the way… using the Pythagorean Won/Loss formula, which uses runs scored vs. runs allowed to calculate a team’s record, the Yankees are the best in baseball at 50-28. Going into yesterday’s game they were averaging 6.11 runs and 9.61 hits over the last 18. Remember when I said this offense can average six runs a game? Well, they went into a slump right after, but here they are finally hitting their stride.


The Yankees 11-4 Interleague record makes many wonder how they would fare in the NL Central. Honestly, after watching the Tigers, Angels, A’s and Rangers play the Mets, I am not all that impressed. The Red Sox didn’t exactly play well against the Phillies either. Am I out of line to say the NL East is the best division in baseball? I think it’s not a crazy statement.


The big difference between Terry Collins and his predecessors is how he communicates with his players. The other night you all saw the confusion in the Mets bullpen during the seventh inning as Collins called on Tim Byrdak to face Andy Dirks. The problem was Byrdak was not warm. He was the prior inning, but lack of communication between the dugout and pen had only Bobby Parnell hot in the seventh. A cold Byrdak gave up a home run, and spiked the return throw from the umpire in frustration. Collins admitted in the postgame that it was his fault, apologized to Byrdak, and has promised better communication between dugout and bullpen.

This is the type of situation that would have been the beginning of a soap opera under Jerry Manuel. He would have made a lame joke about it in the postgame. Knowing Manuel, he would have shifted blame to Byrdak and threw him under the bus. Tension between player and manager would have led to reporters digging for more dirt. Other nameless Mets would have talked about their frustrations with poor communication. An honest mistake by the coaching staff would have become bullpen-gate.

I continue to say that a good manager need only worry about communicating with his players, deal effectively the media, and manage his bullpen. The strategy stuff- bunting, hit and run, etc. – doesn’t impact the overall situation very much. I think Collins has done the first two well. He needs to work on the third. His bullpen management is getting better, but not where it needs to be.

Terry could do Tim and favor and allow Sandy Alderson to calculate his ERA without the Dirks home run when they talk contract after the season.


I mentioned the Sports Illustrated article about the movie “Major League.” There are tons of interesting tidbits in that piece. Charlie Sheen claims that closers started coming out to music because of the scene where Ricky Vaughn comes out of the bullpen against the Yankees. Mitch Williams changed his number to 99 because of it.

Am I out of line saying it might be the best sports movie in history? Especially when you see how many people still watch it, and the impact it had on some of the peripheral stuff around the game.


By the way… Sheen is hanging out with Giants closer Brian Williams. If I were Bruce Bochy I would be concerned.

Wilson is the perfect example of a crash and burn closer. His 15 minutes of fame is coming up, and hanging with Sheen will expedite that.

He already hasn’t been as good this year.


When Jim Duquette appeared with me for our annual draft show, he talked about how the Mets were prepared to select Justin Verlander in the 2004 draft. The Tigers had the pick before and selected Verlander, forcing the Mets to take Phil Humber. We all know that injuries derailed Humber. He failed miserably in his late 2007 starts. He was part of the Johan Santana trade, but imagine having Verlander at the top of the rotation in the National League?

Another pitcher the Mets passed on because he was a Scott Boras client was Jered Weaver; who went to the Angels at number 12. They thought about Stephen Drew (#15 D-Backs), but he was a Boras client.

Verlander is emerging as one of the top pitchers in the league. He is now 11-3 with a 2.32 ERA after beating the Mets. Ironically, he faced Mike Pelfrey, who many hoped would emerge into a similar pitcher as Verlander. Seems unlikely right now.

Right now, Humber is better than Pelfrey as he seems to have found himself in Chicago with his 7-4 record and 2.89 ERA.


Check out my interview with former 1050 ESPN Radio host Brandon Tierney. BT is going to be joining former San Francisco 49er Eric Davis to do an afternoon show on 95.7 KBWF San Francisco.

Bob’s Blitz ranked Tierney #7 on his “Most Intriguing NY Sports Media Personalities of the Last Decade.” Bob wondered why WFAN didn’t jump at the chance to hire BT and allowed him to go west.

In reaching out to my WFAN mole, I learned the FAN was prepared to hire BT, but obviously couldn’t give him a similar slot to what he had at ESPN (1-3 afternoon drive). I wasn’t told where Tierney’s role exactly would have been, but there were some plans to possibly put him in the rotation when Francesa was on vacation.

Bottom line: You have 1 to 6:30 locked up by Francesa. It’s going to be hard to get top talent like Tierney when they have to sit in the corner and wait for the big guy to retire. So Chernoff, what’s the plan post Francesa? By that time Carton will have gotten himself fired, so moving the morning show to the drive time won’t happen. Where is your pipeline? Joe and Evan? I love those guys, but I don’t know if FAN suits would throw them into the afternoon. I would give it a try, but maybe team Evan up with someone younger and more with it than Benigno.


I heard Joe and Evan were treated like second class citizens during the Boomer & Carton charity softball game at Yankee Stadium earlier this week. They had to broadcast the show from the on deck circle with the sun baking down on them. Carton gave Evan a pink umbrella to shield himself. What a nice guy that Carton. Always the bully.


Speaking of my favorite morning host. My source told me that Carton may have cost himself some kind of radio award because of the whole Playgirl scenario. Bob’s Blitz reported that today is the decision day about whether Carton will appear in the magazine; however I was told this has been pushed off again. Why Playgirl is wasting their time with this wannabe D-List radio shock jock is beyond me.

By the way…I was told that CC posing nude is the reason whatever organization is giving him an award, pulled it.


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