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Is Nimmo the Next Bryce Harper?

By Mike Silva ~ June 26th, 2011. Filed under: MLB Draft Coverage.

Kevin Kernan went out to Wyoming to catch up with Mets first round pick Brandon Nimmo. A great piece that you should read in full, but this quote from his American Legion coach, Tagg Lain, stands out:

“I’ve coached Bryce Harper in the Tournament of Stars. “That’s when I told [tournament officials] that I’ve got a guy who is that close to Bryce. There is not a huge gap between those two guys.”

All that’s left is for the Mets to sign Nimmo, who is looking for about $3 million dollars. It sounds like many teams, the Yankees included, were looking to take him in the late first round/sandwich round.

It sounds like the Mets have a potential cornerstone type impact prospect on their hands. It also sounds like its sans the ego that we see with Harper.

If the results match the hype, I could see this kid becoming the organization’s top prospect in short time.

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4 Responses to Is Nimmo the Next Bryce Harper?

  1. Chuck Johnson

    As part of their draft package last year, Baseball America ran a “mock” draft of all the first overall picks for the past twenty years.

    Harper went fifteenth.

    The Pirates have stated publicly if they had the first overall pick their choice would still have been Jameson Taillon.

    Dayton Moore has said if the Royals had the first pick, they would have taken Manny Machado.

    Harper’s going to be a bust.

    As far as Nimmo goes, because his high school doesn’t have a baseball program it’s difficult to find game action video.

    Here’s a one minute BP video.


    Two things I don’t like.

    One is his hands; they’re too close to his head. Once he signs I’m guessing the Mets will fix that pretty quickly.

    The other, and the one that would bother me the most, is his throwing motion.

    He’s got a pretty significant hitch, which, again, is fixable, but will take a lot more time.

    This is the risk of taking a kid from the Northeast, for example, or from an area without the opportunities to play much. The physical attributes are there, but they are behind the eight ball when it comes to actual game experience and fundamentals.

  2. Beebop

    Move over Flores, whatever happened to him? Move over FMart, is he still on the DL?

  3. Stu B

    I haven’t seen Nimmo, but it seems rather soon to make that kind of assessment.

  4. Greg

    Yeah, it’s far too soon to compare an 18 year old to another 18 year old.

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