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Golden Thong, Knoblauch vs. Giambi, Gossip Girl

By Mike Silva ~ June 25th, 2011. Filed under: Morning Digest.

Jason Giambi returned to his old stomping ground last night. He collected 3 hits, including a long home run in the second inning.

Listen to Giambi talk about his new role as a pinch hitter in Colorado, how Troy Tulowitzki wants to emulate Derek Jeter, and what happened to the famous “golden thong” with Michael Kay on ESPN Radio


Chuck Knoblauch has joined the world of Twitter. He made his first controversial splash last night by expressing his displeasure for Jason Giambi. Follow the tweets below (warning graphic language):

Then our friend, Bleacher Creature Bald Vinny, told Knoblauch how he almost caught Giambi’s first inning homer, which Knoblauch responded with:

@baldvinny Fuck Fuck Fuck him. I wish you caught it and threw it back at his tired ass.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

A new blog by Gary Finkler called the 7th Inning Sketch has just launched. Check out his inaugural piece which is a humorous shot of the Jose Reyes contract negotiations.


You tell me from this picture if Jim Riggleman looks upset about his decision to step-down as Nationals manager? It sounds like Riggleman knew he was just a stopgap. I really don’t have an issue with him stepping down; as long as he understands that his managerial career is over. Baseball is not a forgiving game. I see how many have criticized him for walking out on a team that was playing well, but the employment contract works both ways. He is in his right to quit a job just like any of us.


Bad job by ESPN using a 7 year old photo to discuss a story about attendance in Tampa. I have been critical of Florida baseball on numerous occasions. What ESPN fails to realize is the picture will become the story, instead of the attendance issue. The picture was from 2004, after a hurricane hit the area. It couldn’t have been a worse representation of the Rays current fan base. The excuse was even worse, as they said they were up against “a deadline.” It’s the internet, there are no deadlines. Get it right, not first.


In case you care, Joba Chamberlain went to see Cars 2 last night

Good luck with the rehab Joba.


Andy Martino of the Daily News informed us that George W. Bush was “in the building” last night when the Mets took on the Rangers. He also tells us how “W” is friends with Omar Minaya, despite different political leanings.

George W. Bush (who, by the way, is friends with Omar Minaya despite different political leanings) is in the front row tonight.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


Nick Swisher told Jimmy Traina of SI Hot Clicks that he never saw an episode of Gossip Girl; one of the shows his wife, Joanna Garcia, has starred in.

Have I seen Gossip Girl? No comment.

Traina also admits that he owes Swish $20.


It looks like the Mets will be spending some time at Six Flags after this afternoon’s game.

Several #Mets, including Angel Pagan & Josh Thole, planning to go to Six Flags Over Texas across from #Rangers ballpark after Saturday gameless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

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2 Responses to Golden Thong, Knoblauch vs. Giambi, Gossip Girl

  1. Stu B

    How do we know that Knoblauch was really on Twitter instead of some wacko using his name? And why do we need Andy Martino to tell us about Bush and Minaya? Bush was shown on TV early in last night’s game, and the story about Minaya having worked for the Rangers when Bush owned the team and the 2 becoming friends is old news that was written in the papers 6-7 years ago. Bush and Bobby V also are friends, and Minaya and Valentine both were guests at the White House when Bush was prez.

  2. Mike Silva

    Stu, I normally would agree with that point, but Knoblauch has been posting pics of himself, and Twitter shuts down fake accounts that do not classify themselves as such. Eventually he will be validated.

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