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Yanks Fear Failure, Mascot Violence, Savings Runs

By Mike Silva ~ June 24th, 2011. Filed under: Morning Digest.

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus had a great piece on ESPN yesterday. It’s part of their Insider program, so if you are not a member you can’t read it. I can summarize it with this excerpt:

“The Yankees have made this big deal about their farm system and they seem to be afraid that if those players fail, people will start asking, ‘what have they been making such a big deal about?’,” theorized a National League executive.

The problem is, if they don’t bring them up, the same question applies.

Basically, Goldstein wonders why the Yankees- who worked so hard to build a farm system- are reluctant to use it in times of need. Many would agree that Adam WarrenHector Noesi, and David Phelps (who is currently on the DL) could easily do a  similar job to Brian Gordon. The added bonus would be on the job experience for long term solutions, versus a stopgap measure in Gordon. Goldstein also believes the time is now to bring up Jesus Montero.

I talked about this very topic last week about how the Yankees 40 man roster is a “death knell.” I don’t agree with Goldstein adding the Trenton Killer B’s to the equation; they are far too raw; but I do believe it’s time for the Yanks to behave like every other ball club and incorporate young talent into the equation.

If they can’t do this in a season where it’s clear they are about as guaranteed a playoff spot as ever, then when will they?


I had no idea that mascots were the victims of violence. Who in their right mind would abuse a furry character? Yes, I complained about King Henry at the Cyclones game, but I didn’t clean his clock over it.

Apparently, the Phillie Phanatic had an accident while making an appearance for the Phils Triple-A affiliate in Lehigh Valley.

Rick Chandler, the author of the post, goes on to list some of the other incidents of mascot violence. Apparently, the Yankees mascot, Dandy Yankee, use to get beat up in the stands to the point the team had to retire the mascot.

Here is a picture of him.


I will make a confession. I once dressed up as a mascot for a company I worked for in the nineties. One of my early roles in sales was event marketing. The company, which I will keep nameless to protect the innocent, asked me to dress up as a hedge hog (it was connected to the product line I was selling). Needless to say it was the least engaging character I could have ever been. The hedgehog scared kids, was derided by adults, and was hot and sweaty to be in on a June day. My short career as a mascot was over by the end of my shift. In other words, I feel for these mascots.


Did you know that Daniel Murphy is tied for the National League lead in runs saved at first base? John Dewan of ACTA Sports had this bit of information in his “stat of the week.” Alex Rodriguez is among the leaders at third base. Rodriguez actually tied for the American League lead in defense at third, according to Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR/150), with Adrian Beltre. This after years of negative UZR ratings. Perhaps this improved range on defense is the best indicator his hip is finally feeling better.


I noticed that Gregg Sussman made an appearance with Mike Francesa during his NBA draft show. We haven’t heard from Sussman (unless you are coming home at 4 AM from the club on a Saturday night/Sunday morning). Interesting how this segment comes less than a week after Kevin Canessa calls out WFAN management for how they handled the Fantasy Phenom Contest. Sussman sounds like a nice enough guy. Give him credit; he is willing to eat crap and work just about anywhere for peanuts to get into the business. Not sure why there isn’t room for him at WFAN. It sounded like he did his time and is now interviewing with Sirius.

Sussman took the company line and talked about what a great experience it was. It was an awkward and rehearsed sounding segment that might as well been a commercial for the Phenom contest. Which, by the way, only drew 68 people according to Francesa at the last event. Glad to see the professionals in the business realize this is a monkey show.


Oh by the way… Anyone who thinks the contest is about acquiring talent and not sponsors should listen to the commercial that reminds everyone what store you can buy the chairs the judges will be sitting on.

Also, why is Nick Turturro a guest judge at the Bar A snooze fest finale? Does Turturro have the credentials to be judging radio talent? Shouldn’t that be someone of importance at WFAN management? And I don’t mean Al Dukes or an unpaid intern.

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  1. Sid

    Have you forgotten about Ivan Nova?

  2. Stu B

    “If they can’t do this in a season where it’s clear they are about as guaranteed a playoff spot as ever, then when will they?”

    How are they guaranteed a playoff spot when easily could finish behind Boston and Tampa Bay?

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