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Anti Bullying, Mex Sells Gold, Ferris Bueller, 1st Pitch

By Mike Silva ~ June 20th, 2011. Filed under: Morning Digest.

Recently, some Major League Baseball teams produced video against bullying. There is interest amongst some the Mets to make one of their own. All of us have been bullied at some point in our life, but with the “age of information” I have heard stories about kids getting harassed in their own homes via Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook. It seems like a decent cause, albeit one that probably will fall on deaf ears with today’s snarky youth.

The point is would you expect to be bullied at work? Well, if you are at WFAN you might be the butt of one of Craig Carton’s jokes. Take a look at the video below.

In case it “disappears” (things find of way of getting lost at WFAN), let’s summarize:

This video is shot in the backroom of WFAN (I believe it’s the old Astoria studio). Craig is teasing an intern by the name of Kevin. It is obvious Kevin isn’t athletic, so Craig is betting that he can’t catch a football. If he does, there is some sort of monetary reward on the other end. Boomer Esiason, always the good guy, steps in and tries to help teach the fundamentals of receiving. The entire newsroom seems to be into Carton’s antics. Sounds kind of like bullying, right? Let’s count the corporate violations: gambling on the job, picking on another employee, throwing an object around the office where someone can get hurt… do I need to go on?

I find it interesting how Carton seems to be the perpetrator of jokes, but never on the receiving end. If he is. I heard he usually throws a tantrum. Most are afraid of him; that is except for yours truly.


I have been hoping this commercial with Keith Hernandez was going to hit YouTube, and I finally found it this weekend.

You have to love the background music. Doesn’t Mex remind you of Roger Dorn in Major League II, after his career was over? Isn’t that Derek Jeter in the background at the beginning?


Did any of the Yankees fans who went to Chicago to watch the team see these two guys at any of the games? If so, I hope it was Saturday or Sunday, or else Mr. Rooney was probably looking for them.


It appears that many of you believe I should have not put President Obama on the “worst first pitch” poll. I have had numerous individuals send me notes that the Mayor of Cincinnati, Mark Mallory, is by far the worst. Here it is:

Yup, that may get Gary Dell’Abate aka Bababooey off the hook. Or is it spelt Baba Booey?


Finally, not that you care, but it’s my site and I can pretty much say what I want; the NYBD softball team broke its 49 game losing streak last night with an 18-15 win in the first game of a doubleheader. It was our first win since the summer of 2009. Yours truly got three hits (and another in a game 2 loss, so we are now at one in a row), was picking out throws at first base, and even got into a collision at home and at first. My body is paying for it today. Despite that, I will be spending tonight at MCU Park to watch the Cyclones.


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2 Responses to Anti Bullying, Mex Sells Gold, Ferris Bueller, 1st Pitch

  1. junior

    Back in April, I attended a storytelling event in Cincinnati (produced by the fine folks at True Theatre) where Mayor Mallory recounted the events surrounding that first pitch. He was very funny and a great sport about the whole thing.

    Our local channel 5 (WLWT) aired an edited clip of the story that you can see at http://www.wlwt.com/video/27541697/detail.html.

  2. Anto Golem

    Carton is a jerk, here’s hoping he says something stupid that he gets thrown off the air.
    His kind likes to bully people.

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