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Top Five Father/Son Combos in Baseball History

By Mike Silva ~ June 19th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva.

To celebrate Father’s Day lets try something different: looking at the top father/son combos in the history of the game. You can view the complete list here, but my top five- starting with the best duo- is:

1) Bobby Bonds and Barry Bonds- There might not be any list that has a more obvious choice. Bobby would hit 30 homers, steal 30 bases, play gold glove outfield defense, and drive in over 90 runs. He struck out a ton, but had a good eye that yielded a career OBP of .353. Barry, even before the steroids, was every bit the player that his father was, and then some. Even if you negate all his numbers from 2001 forward, Barry is a Hall of Famer. His dad was a notch below, but still very good.

2) Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. – If Junior stayed healthy in Cincinnati there might be more debate about them versus Bobby and Barry Bonds. 630 of the 782 combined homers are from Junior, but they went back-to-back on September 14th, 1990 (see below). Also became the first father/son combination to play together when Senior signed with Seattle in August of 1990. Senior was a solid outfielder, but only a borderline All Star. Junior was every bit the player that Bonds was during his time in Seattle and, unlike Barry is guaranteed to make the Hall of Fame since he was presumably clean. The gap between Bobby Bonds and Griffey Sr. is too large to rank them any higher than number two.

3) Cecil Fielder and Prince Fielder – Make it 3 for 3 in father/son cases where the offspring is the superior player. Both have led the league in homers. Cecil had a nice five year run in Detroit, but became more of a complementary piece when coming over to the Yankees. Prince may become a member of the $200 million dollar ballplayer club. With the decline of Alex Rodriguez, and Albert Pujols now north of thirty, Prince may become the most feared slugger in all of baseball. Check back in five years and maybe they pass the Griffeys’. Thanks to Prince, of course.

4) Ray Boone/Bob Boone and Aaron Boone/Bret Boone- Three generations of very good baseball players. Ray had a nice stretch with Detroit in the early fifties where he would hit .300 with 20 homers and about 90 RBI. His son Bob had a 19 year career behind the plate. He was known for his defense as he was awarded 7 gold gloves during that time. Yankees fans remember Aaron for his game winning homer in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS against Boston. If not for injuries later in his career, he might have accumulated better numbers. Bret might be the most complete one in the family. He was a second baseman that would hit 30 homers, drive in 100 runs, and play gold glove defense (won four during his career) during his prime. There were whispers of steroid use (thanks to Jose Canseco), but to be fair to it’s never been proven. Players are innocent till proven guilty in my book.

5) Sandy Alomar and Roberto Alomar/Sandy Alomar Jr. – This one is carried by the sons. Sandy Alomar was a journeyman infielder that was good field/no hit. His sons got the fielding gene, but had the gift of swinging the bat. Robbie Alomar was basically his dad with offense. He is arguably the best defensive second baseman in the history of the sport. There aren’t many middle infielders that can go .300/25/100 on a consistent basis. Sandy Jr. was a gold glove catcher with a rocket for an arm. He wasn’t as complete offensively as his brother, but it was more than enough to be one of the best at his position. Even at the age of 41, while playing for the Mets, he could still flash leather.

This, of course, is a tough call. I didn’t include the Alous’ or Ripkens’, who certainly had nice careers. When you combine the impact of the father/son duo these five, in my opinion, are the best.

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3 Responses to Top Five Father/Son Combos in Baseball History

  1. Stu B

    The Ripkens don’t qualify since Cal Sr. never played in the big leagues.

  2. Mike Silva

    He was a manager so you could make the argument, but still not as good as the other 5

  3. Anonymous

    Gus and Buddy Bell shoulkd be in the top 5. Especially before boones and alomars

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