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K-Rod’s Post Game Celebration

By Mike Silva ~ June 16th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

The wild theatrics of K-Rod’s postgame celebration has long been discussed around here. When I was in Trenton in 2009, Brian Bruney made a point to call out K-Rod (audio enclosed) the day after the “Luis Castillo dropped pop up” game. It was not a secret the Yankees didn’t appreciate his theatrics, all the way back to his Anaheim days.

Last night, Kevin Burkhardt shared a story on SNY that may shed light as to why Rodriguez performs his act. Kevin told us that K-Rod points to the sky as a tribute to his father. Apparently, his dad became very ill just before he went pro. Right before K-Rod left for Rookie Ball, his father basically told him he felt his life was complete and he could move on. He would pass away shortly thereafter. Quite a touching story just days before Father’s Day.

Anyone who has dealings with K-Rod raves about him. Jenrry Mejia specifically told me last August how helpful he was to him in the Mets bullpen. Those that know him personally feel the outside perception is wrong. Listening to him during interviews he appears laid back and humble.

Does this change your opinion on his celebration? Emotion and joy aren’t necessary bad on the baseball field. Mean spirited trash talk (see Bryce Harper) is another thing.

Maybe we have judged the book by its cover in the case of K-Rod.

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1 Response to K-Rod’s Post Game Celebration

  1. 86mets

    Yeah, I don’t get it. Dennis Eckersley “shoots” batters after strikeouts and Brian Wilson crosses his arms, index fingers toward the sky and no one complains about that. But Frankie Rodriguez shows a little emotion following a victory and he’s the most hated reliever in the league. Now, a guy like Jose Valverde who celebrates a strikeout with one out, I can see some complaints there, the game isn’t over. But why is it K-Rod is wrong for his post-victory celebration? You can call him a bad guy for slugging his father in law last year, but not for this.

    Good post Mike. I wonder if any of the Yankees read your blogs? Of course, if they bothered to know Frankie before passing judgement they probably wouldn’t have such an attitude toward him in the first place, right? Again, very nice post Mike, thanks for posting it.

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