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Morning Show: Smearing Reputations For Profit

By Mike Silva ~ June 13th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, Sports Media Commentary.

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“Remember, we are ticket sellers, you’re a ticket buyer -  Al Dukes, producer of the Boomer & Carton Morning Show, to Mike Silva on Friday, June 10th, 2011.

Loyal readers of this site- and according to the aforementioned Dukes none of you exist- know that I enjoy listening to sports talk radio and opine about it on the site. The commentary gets a polarizing reaction since many don’t understand why I would listen to something that, at times, I don’t find appealing. If I ignored everything that bothers me in sports I might as well not turn on the television. Do I ignore the Mets when they are on a losing streak? Should I give the Yankees a pass after a sweep at the hands of Boston because they have 27 World Championships?

Where this show loses me is with the consistent ambushing of guests. This is always started by Carton who fancies himself as Stern; who wants to have the money, fame, and TV resume of “The King of All Media.” He thinks by destroying guests on the air he will build his national profile as a tough interview, and appeal to the trash talking Generation Y crowd. A guest is a pawn in the game. A game that ends with Craig Carton become a mega brand. News flash: never going to happen. Ask people across the country who Craig Carton is and the answer is, who? Watch his failed Spike TV show and you might wonder if he is a new age Wayne and Garth. If he stuck to being himself, instead of a wannabe radio tough guy, the show might actually gain my respect. The next time Carton studies the facts about a sports issue, it will be a first. What annoys me the most is Esiason allows him to get away with it. As a former athlete who has been on the receiving end of this type of venom he should know better.

Carton was at his worst on Friday when he interviewed Jenn Sterger. He spent an hour basically accusing Sterger of “asking for” the lewd pictures that Brett Favre, allegedly, sent to her. Instead of just asking tough questions he bullied her and put words in her mouth. I know Sterger can be a polarizing topic, but I never have felt she used this incident to build her profile (see Erin Andrews and Dancing With the Stars). She admitted to losing two jobs, and currently is trying to make it back with a show on Fuel TV that doesn’t appear to be a “sex sells” type of show. All she appears to want to do is work. Is there anything more admirable than that?

The best part about all this is how it takes me, an unaffiliated “blogger,” to get tough with Carton’s antics. Phil Mushnick of the NY Post and Bob Raissman of the Daily News do their part, but typically are viewed by the younger readers as “out of touch” (unfairly I may add) so they tend to get ignored. Neil Best, who I respect immensely, stopped his recent glad-handing of WFAN and called the interview “mean spirited.” Most individuals are afraid to go after someone like Carton because, let’s face it, the guy is a bully. Thankfully, I never feared taking an unpopular contrasting opinion. That’s why I made sure to make my displeasure known to Carton and Dukes on Twitter.

So what did I get in exchange? I got a two minute rant (which I missed attending to other business), where Carton reportedly called me a “stalker,” and said that I “bow down to him the radio every morning.” I heard he read my tweets to Dukes on the air. Not citing me, of course, which is nothing new with these guys.

Remember, this is the same show that swiped audio from my site without citation a year ago. Who told a contributor that was trying to educate them on a sports topic that he was a loser and he was going to give them $20 dollars to get a life ( he is still waiting for the money). Funny part is this website that “nobody reads” has been cited on YES, ESPN, New York Magazine, Sirius, and even WFAN. I have built this thing with no budget, no corporate brand name, and minimal cooperation from the mainstream. I have no agenda other than to connect with an audience. I am not here to kiss any corporate executives rear end, lobby for a low paying radio job, or hurt any good people. I simply spread an opinion that I know I can live with if I ever ran into that person on the street. I can look the people in the eye that I criticize. Can Craig Carton do the same? After allowing his partner to denigrate women on Friday, can Esiason?

You could tell from Dukes response to me on Twitter that none of those guys appear sorry for the situation. Funny how a failed product from Free FM is so arrogant about his position in the world of media. If not for Esiason would Carton be on the map? Would Dukes be anything more than another backend employee? Remember, Carton’s shelf life is short, and we are nearing four years at this recent gig. History tells me the end is near. I go with historical trends when analyzing sports; I will do the same when it comes to how much longer this town will be subjected to Craig Carton.

Right now, all Jenn Sterger wants is to build her brand. An unfortunate situation has forced her to rehash a difficult point in her life over and over. Tough questions are ok, but an unfair ambush is not. Those that listen to that show must ask themselves how they would feel if Sterger was their daughter.

Give Sterger credit for maintaining her composure in the situation. She needs to be careful since, in our current cowardly corporate media landscape, speaking out leads to individuals getting blackballed. No other place practices this more than CBS.

Lucky for the audience they can’t hush me. Call me a stalker, blackball me, and send your goons after me on Twitter. I am not going away. I am not going to stop letting people know what I think is right. That, my friends, is what scares Craig Carton. He may have 50k watts and four hours a day. I have an internet connection, 24 hour access point, and a creative mind that can’t be hushed by a suit in the ivory tower.

Ticket Sellers? Ticket buyer? Think you scare me? Bring it on. I will bet (something you like to do a lot I heard) on my creative mind and 24 hour access being more sustainable in the fabric of this town versus your 50k watts and four hours a day.

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2 Responses to Morning Show: Smearing Reputations For Profit

  1. Erica S.

    The difference between Carton and Stern is that even when Howard asks the tough questions, he does it in a way that is to the point and the guest respect him for not being a phony. That being said, it is important for anybody who is going into radio to realize that there is only one Howard Stern. Many have tried to imitate him, but no one has been able to match his level of success. Does that mean no one ever will? Someone might at some point in the future. But I have feeling that if and when that does happen, we’ll all be long gone.
    As far as Carton goes, he is a bully (something that Howard might come off as at time, but really isn’t). There is nothing under the surface with Craig Carton. He is just a cruel person. I remember back in 2005 when Carton was one half of the “political” opinion show called “Jersey Guys” on 101.5. It was during this time that the situation occurred when he got on the air and made fun of then Governor Dick Codey’s wife because she suffered from postpartum depression. He said that any woman who has postpartum depression “must be crazy in the first place.” Then Carton got all upset when Codey arrived at the radio station for his weekly “Ask the Governor” show and said to Carton “if (he) weren’t governor, (he) would take (Carton) outside”. When he was asked about this incident, the governor told no lies and said that he did say that to Carton and that he had the “right to defend (his) family.” Carton went on the air the following day and said that Codey needed to apologized to him within 24 hours or he would never be elected governor in November. One of Carton’s exact quotes was “That’s the power of this show” (which is such a vintage Stern-like statement). This is extremely fun
    When this incident occurred, my mother told me something about Carton that I always found quite amusing. Please note, this not something that my mother actually witnessed, so it could be untrue. Something tells me though that it is exactly the truth. Apparently, Carton was notorious at 101.5 for teasing his coworkers in ways that were at times embarrassing, cruel, childish, etc. I guess that for the most part these coworkers just laughed it off and didn’t let it ruin their day. Apparently though, one year at a company Christmas part, they decided to play some kind of a joke on Carton. From what my Mother was told, Carton was pissed off and chewed everyone out at the party for treating him in such a way. This is what we call dishing it out and not being able to take it.

  2. Davey J

    Just found out that Jenn “the Favrenator” Sterger is hosting a web series on BroBible.com – you gotta check it out!


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