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My Dante Bichette Story

By Mike Silva ~ June 7th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, MLB Draft Coverage.

Last night, the Yankees drafted  Dante Bichette Jr. out of Orangewood Christian High School in Maitland, Florida with the 51st pick in the second round. You probably remember his dad who played 14 seasons, with most of his production coming as a member of the Colorado Rockies.

I never liked Dante Bichette, and it was mainly due to him showboating after a game winning home run against the Mets on Opening Day 1995. That was actually the first ever game at Coors Field. Through the years Bichette was very productive in Colorado (201 homers, .316 batting average); however most of his production came at Coors Field and Mile High Stadium, where he hit .360 with 137 home runs. Fifty percent of his career home runs came in the rarefied air.

In 1996, I sat behind the visiting dugout for a Mets/Rockies game at Shea Stadium. Just 19, I was in a trash talking mood that night. I trashed talk Bichette the entire game. I told him how he couldn’t hit outside Coors Field, etc; nothing vulgar, just silly quips. In the fifth, the Mets had a 3-2 lead when Bichette stepped to the plate with a runner on third. He promptly deposited Pete Harnisch‘s next pitch over the left field wall. As he walked back to the dugout he made the home run sign with his finger and blew a kiss to my section. The Mets would lose to the Rockies that night 5-3. I guess you could call that my Spike Lee moment.

What does this mean for his son? Nothing. I wish him the best of luck in his career. His father just annoyed me for whatever reason. I am sure he is a good guy, but there was never a player that symbolized the absurdity of the early days of Coors Field than Dante Bichette.

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3 Responses to My Dante Bichette Story

  1. Gretchen

    What do you mean “the absurdity of the early days of Coors Field?” That’s a curious statement.

  2. lino

    he was Bryce Harper before Bryce Harper.

  3. Chris

    Great writing, and great reason not to like a cool guy like Dante.
    You must be from NY, that says it all.

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