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Jason Bay Needs Time in Minors to Rediscover Stroke

By Mike Silva ~ June 5th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

Jason Bay was dropped to the sixth spot last night. It didn’t matter, as he went 0-4 to drop his average to .216. His OPS of .601 brings back memories of Luis Castillo. With another two, possibly three, years on his contract it behooves the Mets to try everything to fix him. Clearly, doing this at the big league level isn’t working. Some may suggest benching him, but how is that going to change things? Bay needs to play every day to get better, but I am not sure doing it in the increasingly unfriendly confines of Citi Field is the answer. Terry Collins said yesterday his goal in moving Bay down in the lineup is to get him to relax. How about pulling a trick used to fix Steve Trachsel in 2001 and ask him to accept an assignment to the minor leagues?

This isn’t the first time this fix has been suggested around here. The Mets tried to do this with Oliver Perez unsuccessfully last year. The difference is Bay isn’t Perez, and he doesn’t have Scott Boras as his agent. Ask Bay to spend the next six weeks in Buffalo with an agreement to recall him after the All Star Break. Recall Fernando Martinez and give him some playing time. It’s about time we see an extended period from the failed Omar Minaya phenom. If not F-Mart, how about the surging Lucas Duda? How much worse could either be? In case you are wondering why Martinez over Kirk Nieuwenhius – who is having an outstanding year – it’s because Nieuwenhuis will get his chance after the Mets deal Carlos Beltran on July 31st. I rather him stay in the majors for good after he gets the call.

Being sent to the minors while in the midst of a 4 year/$66 million dollar deal is embarrassing. At least the money will soften the blow. This is meant to help Jason Bay who looks completely lost out there. It worked for Trachsel who came back and became a solid contributor to the rotation for five years. The Mets can only hope it would do the same the next three years for Jason Bay.

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7 Responses to Jason Bay Needs Time in Minors to Rediscover Stroke

  1. maryanne

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s painful to watch Jason Bay night after night…..I feel so badly for him ’cause I know that he’s trying everything. Maybe a stint in AAA away from the media glare will help him….it’s worth a try. Nice article, Mike.

  2. pal88

    AGREE 1000%…If a stint in Buffalo doesn’t fix the problem…well, it’s “let’s eat more $$$$ time”

  3. curMetgeon

    My gut feeling is he wouldn’t accept it no matter the terms, as is his right per the current agreement between the league and the players, but I think 6 weeks is a bit much to ask. That’s roughly 25% of the season. I’d perhaps use the 6 week figure as a starting point in a negotiation with the player knowing we’d ultimately settle on a shorter period of time.

  4. Malcolm

    Jason Bay 162 Game Average Stats (2004-2009)

    .280 AVG .375 OBP .519 SLG .894 OPS 33 HR 109 RBI 103 R 165 H 34 2B 5 3B 12 SB 3 CS
    Salary: $3,261,120
    Jason Bay 162 Game Average Stats (With Mets)

    .247 AVG .336 OBP .371 SLG .708 OPS 10 HR 70 RBI 83 R 147 H 30 2B 8 3B 18 SB 2 CS
    Salary: $10,065,376

  5. Malcolm

    That is ridiculous.

  6. Malcolm

    Jorge Posada has had more RBIs and he’s hitting .169/.285/.336! It’s not an age issue-Jason is 32, and it’s not steroids or HGH-he hasn’t lost a large amount of muscle mass, I just don’t know what it is. He’s completely lost at the plate, and he hasn’t hit the ball with a authority in even batting practice for almost a month! He’s a nice guy and he plays his heart out but the results are just not coming. Maybe the couple days off that Terry Collins is giving him will help him get back on track. I sure hope so as a Mets fan because he is painful to watch. He looks listless at the plate and just can’t seem to find a way to pull a fly ball with power. All he’s doing is grounding out to short, grounding out to third. He has been fielding quite well and he’s been running quite well. The Mets lineup is sorely missing Bay’s production. Their cleanup hitter is Daniel Murphy! The only guy with any power whatsoever is Carlos Beltran and he can’t carry the team alone. I hope Wright and Davis can come back and produce for the last couple of months. Sigh, being a Mets fan sure is fun!

  7. Malcolm

    Carlos Zambrano has only 6 less RBIs!

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