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Jose Reyes Future: Olbermann vs. Francesa

By Mike Silva ~ May 23rd, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

I always enjoy speculating on the rumor mill. I never subscribe to the “rules” that only material with multiple sources is reliable. All you need is one good source to find out a treasure trove of information. What’s better? Knowing one person who is deeply embedded in an organization, or getting the opinion of three to four industry sources who have an “idea” of what is going on? Some of the biggest scandals were unearthed by “salt of the earth” type of people within an organization. That’s why having call letters or a big media conglomerate next to your name doesn’t fool me into believing you are any more informed in this era of technology. Track record is what I look for, so forgive me for being less than convinced the information provided the last 48 hours by Keith Olbermann and Mike Francesa regarding Jose Reyes future makes for more than interesting conversation. Nevertheless, that’s what we are here for, so let’s get it started.

During today’s show, WFAN’s Mike Francesa quoted Jeff Wilpon as saying Jose Reyes told him he wants “Carl Crawford type” money. He went on to say that Sandy Alderson wants a team of “$4 to $5 million dollar ballplayers.” Before you jump off the roof of your building remember that Francesa is the king of turning his own speculative opinion into fact. It would be funny if Mike didn’t blatantly ignore concrete information when formulating those opinions. That’s what makes it aggravating. Color me shades of skepticism with this Francesa news.

Enter Keith Olbermann at his MLBlog “Baseball Nerd.” Take this quote from the former ESPN anchor:

Speaking of exits, it may be hard to believe this, but my understanding is that Sandy Alderson, doing all due diligence to try to revive the team from Queens, has asked almost every club what they might give him for every one of his key players. You can forget the Jose Reyes talk: the Mets and the MLB caretakers working unobtrusively with them know they must re-sign Reyes.

Again, just because Olbermann is someone that worked for multiple mainstream outlets doesn’t make his news any more credible than something I read on a blog. I do know he was at Citi Field last week. Our good buddy Steve Keane of Kranepool Society reported on my Sunday show he sat next to Olbermann in the press box last Monday night. It’s possible that Olbermann picked up some info while poking around Citi Field. Is this speculation? Is this fact based opinion? Only time will tell.

I take Olbermann’s news far more seriously since he doesn’t have the sketchy sports (key word here) track record of Francesa. Mike and WFAN have made it clear their focus isn’t on fact based analysis, but shallow talking points meant to incite people to call their dying brand of radio. Mike spends a majority of his five and a half hours guestless, thanks to his obtuse personality, so he needs to fill that air space with his own words. That often leads to him saying something so far away from reality that it’s laughable. He often gets away with it due to the lowest common denominator that makes up a large portion of the audience. They call, so he continues to spread his inaccurate word.

I would say the same for Olbermann, except this wasn’t said on ESPN or MSNBC. It was a throwaway line on his personal blog. A site that isn’t even standalone, but supported by MLB.com. I am sure Olbermann isn’t using it to further his career, or become relevant in the sports world again. If he is, then he has to call me, because he isn’t even close to branching out in the saturated world of independent media.

It could turn out that both Olbermann and Francesa are wildly off. We can’t even predict the weather accurately these days, much less what free agents are going where. In the interim, I find it fun to continue to discuss the issues, disseminate the information, and argue who is more credible. We aren’t exactly splitting atoms, although I suspect both Olbermann and Francesa believe they are.

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3 Responses to Jose Reyes Future: Olbermann vs. Francesa

  1. Benny


    Agree and disagree with you on this, If you look at Alderson when the Haas’s (Levi Strauss Money) owned the Athletics he spent the big bucks (McGwire, Canseco, Stewart, Storm Davis, Bob Welch, Eckersley) so yes I will agree with you that Francesa is wrong there. However, I will disagree on on the baseball analysis point of view. I for one have not heard any one on 1050 interview anyone from the Cleveland Indians the bet team in baseball, while Francessa has interviewed a couple of people (of course one being his boss’s (Chernoff) son: Mike Chernoff Assistant GM). His interviews with Peter Gammons and Jon Heyman each week do not count? They do offer good insights along with Sweeny and Ed Coleman.

  2. Mike Silva


    I should have been clearer. I meant unpaid guests. To be honest, Heyman does a nice job, Gammons seems stale. Sweeny gets talked over by Mike, and Eddie C, although a nice guy, says less with more access than anyone I have ever seen.

    With their resources the FAN should be breaking stories, and having hard hitting analysis and discussion. Neither is happening. Hence the doubting eye when Francesa throws a “little birdie” comment out there.

  3. SilentAssassin

    Apparently, both you and Olby couldn’t have been more wrong.

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