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Cashman Not Against Promoting Banuelos as LOOGY

By Mike Silva ~ May 7th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

Brian Cashman always gives an interesting nugget when interviewed. He didn’t let anyone down this week when he appeared with Mike Francesa on WFAN. When Francesa asked him about Pedro Feliciano Cashman admitted he is not counting on the former Mets lefty to contribute this year. As a matter of fact, it sounded like Feliciano is just staving off surgery, which in all likelihood will shelve him for the season. Why hold off? It’s very possible the Yankees will never receive a dime of value on the two year/$8 million dollar deal. He also alluded to the fact he wouldn’t be against promoting Manny Banuelos midseason if it made sense to fill that role. Right now, Boone Logan is struggling with left handed batters as they are hitting .316 with a homer in 22 plate appearances. It will be very hard to see the Yankees navigate the season with such a mediocre performance from an important bullpen cog.

Cashman did admit that finding a quality LOOGY is often harder than filling the rotation. I agree with that, but I am not sure promoting Banuelos is the answer either. Banuelos, despite a 2.57 ERA, has struggled about Double-A Trenton this year with a high walk rate (4.7), and a decreased strikeout rate (6.7 per nine). Unlike Joba Chamberlain, who was dominating minor league hitters when called up to help the bullpen in 2007, Banuelos hasn’t had the same success. It’s early, but I am not sure he is the name you want to count on this year.

A more likely reinforcement to help is Andy Sisco, who they signed off the scrapheap this offseason. Sisco had a huge year for the Royals in 2005, but struggled with arm problems ever since. He’s yet to give up a run for Scranton this year, but has walked eight in twelve innings. The Yankees weren’t impressed with his velocity, thus he was passed over when Feliciano landed on the disabled list.

It very well may come down to Cashman and company crossing their fingers that Logan will rediscover the touch that produced a career year in 2010. Even so, I think the Yankees are going to need two lefties come the playoffs. Whether they could find an adequate one remains to be seen.

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  1. tnt1528

    loogy?? what the hell does that stand for?

  2. Mike Silva

    Lefty One Out Guy

    You sure you are a baseball fan? That’s a pretty common term

  3. tnt1528

    never heard that except for here.loogy is something that flies outta my mouth

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