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C.J. Wilson Calls Out the Media

By Mike Silva ~ April 28th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, Sports Media Commentary.

Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson called out the local beat reporters earlier today on Twitter for the lameness of their postgame Q&A.

I love when reporters ask me questions, like “why did you give up a homerun?” Etc. “Well, my goal this year is to load the bases more” #mlbless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

“So, do you feel like a #1 pitcher?” – I feel more lefthanded than that question. Next wk, going 100% ironic answers…will they catch on?less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

I want to be clear in saying I am not anti-mainstream media. Many reporters come on my show and contribute in tremendous ways. Kevin Kernan, Adam Rubin, Jim Baumbach, Steve Popper, Chad Jennings, Pete Caldera, Peter Abraham, are just a few of those names. Many work hard and don’t get paid enough for the time they put in. Without the mainstream I can’t do what I do effectively.

With that said, it’s becoming increasingly annoying to see the annual postgame performance across the league. This became apparent when I watched an NBA postgame after a Knicks-Celtics playoff game, and then the beat writers Q&A with Mets manager Terry Collins right after. I am not saying the NBA guys were perfect, but their questions delved into strategy, rotation, and many X’s and O’s of the Boston playoff win. The Mets postgame appeared to be more of a group of guys lobbying softballs at Collins. Andy Martino of the Daily News actually asked Collins if it felt “powerless” watching the game from the clubhouse after he was ejected. Andy, you really think he couldn’t manage from the clubhouse? Getting thrown out is more symbolic than anything. That question almost had me falling off my couch.

I am not perfect, and never pretended to be. But it’s clear as a consumer of media (aka their customer) I am left wanting more times than not. I don’t expect the beat reporters to hammer away every day, but the postgame reports are becoming a perennial waste of time. The “how does it feel,” and “tell us why” questions are boring. I would rather them ask one good question than 100 mundane ones. I wouldn’t think they are working any less. I would praise them more.

Is it the fact that Fortune 500 companies own these papers and are sanitizing the coverage? Is it editors that should have been put out to pasture demanding the same boring narratives? Is it the universities that teach fundamental writing skills, but fail to inform students that writing something interesting is more important than knowing where the comma goes? The future of journalism is op ed. Any stringer can give you the who, what, when, and where, but not everyone can tell you why. Even when many attempt op-ed it goes along the usual memes.

I don’t have the answer, but I know that this is starting to come to a head. If I ran the publication or media outlet that employed the individual who asked those questions I can assure you they would have their walking papers the very next day.

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3 Responses to C.J. Wilson Calls Out the Media

  1. Barbella

    Wow! My gut feel is C.J. Wilson’s assessment is a genuine frustrated reaction, and not a calculated self-aggrandizement.

    Funny thing is that Andy Martino replaced Adam Rubin who has been anything but a “homer” lobbing softball pitches, as evidenced by Omar’s meltdown a couple years ago. And, C.J. listed Rubin as a respected journalist.

    However, I never noticed Martino to be soft. Rather, funny in an acerbic kinda (Mets) way (though he was a Phillies beat writer). He’s certainly not like a San Francisco player-turned-analyst (personality), F.P. Santangelo.

    Now, this dude will make you kind throw up (no punctuation necessary)!

  2. Bill

    What Wilson is saying is legit, but not exactly the stuff of headlines.
    Yes, I grind my teeth every time a “news professional” asks, “How does it feel…?”.

    When you do something good, it feels good. Conversely, when you lose or screw up, it feels bad. Can we dispense with the absolute vapidness of these reporters? I IMMEDIATELY change channels when “feelings” questions come about.

    Most post game conferences/interviews would be better off skipped.
    Imagination and original lines of questioning seem to be a thing of the past.

  3. Stu B

    What makes postgame pressers tedious is not only the lame and vapid questions, but that one reporter will often repeat another’s question in different words – it seems as if each one either thinks he/she must ask a question or does it to hear himself/herself talk.

    Some of the more clever players make a joke out of it. At the 1992 winter meetings, when David Cone was a free agent, somebody asked him why it was important to resolve his situation quickly, he replied, “so I know what color shoes to buy!”

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