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Warthen Could Be Next to Go

By Mike Silva ~ April 21st, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets, Rumor Mill.

One early observation about the new Mets front office is their “quick hook” with underperforming personnel. Blaine Boyer, Brad Emaus, and Lucas Duda all saw firsthand what happens when you underperform. It’s not a totally bad philosophy, as I know for a fact the moves have opened eyes in the clubhouse about how important performance is to job security. Accountability was not a strength of the Minaya/Manuel regime.

In talking to a league source this same “quick hook” goes for the coaching staff as well. He believes that Warthen will be fired if the pitchers don’t start to turn it around. Going into today’s action the Mets are last in the National League in ERA and WHIP, have given up more walks than anyone, and second only to the Dodgers in homeruns allowed. The walks have been a characteristic of the team under Warthen.

Two weeks ago I wrote how I believed Dan Warthen is “on the clock” as the pitching coach for the Mets. Warthen’s resume has been spotty since taking over for Rick Peterson in June of 2008. The careers of Oliver Perez and John Maine quickly went down the toilet, the pitching staff has walked more batters than ever before, and he’s often inserted his foot in his mouth when talking to the media. This was especially evident with his comments about John Maine (called him a habitual liar), and stating that Jenrry Mejia wasn’t going to succeed as a starting pitcher. Don’t forget that Warthen was part of the staff last year that stunted Mejia’s development.

I would have purged the coaching staff of everyone that served under Manuel (this includes Chip Hale), but Sandy Alderson decided to stick with Warthen. I believe this is due the positive reviews he was given from the pitching staff, specifically Mike Pelfrey. Apparently Warthen’s “magic touch” has left the building with Pelfrey as he’s produced a 9.72 ERA through four starts.

I think Warthen has been part of the problem, not a solution, for quite some time now. If you are going to have a “quick hook” with the players let’s keep the momentum going by moving on from Dan Warthen.

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5 Responses to Warthen Could Be Next to Go

  1. Nik

    I hate to call for anyone’s head, but I hear you. Jacket wants to come back, so why not let him?

  2. Dano

    I wish this was more than just speculation. Even if it’s not Peterson who comes back, there has got to be someone on the farm who can coach pitchers better than Warthen.

    I just hate the way Warthen antagonizes pitchers like Maine and Feliciano. Doesn’t matter that Feliciano was no longer a Met at the time.

    And how do you justify using a middle reliever almost every day by saying he wanted to pitch that much? You just let the pitchers do what they want? What a moron Warthen is for justifying Feliciano’s use that way.

    Warthen is part of the problem and I can’t wait till they fire him.

  3. Liz H

    Good article….and good point.Everyone needs to be accountable and expendable with in reason….and what about the hitting coach…?

  4. George

    What’s wrong with Chip Hale?

  5. Mike Silva


    Nothing per se, but I just think purging the old was necessary to move forward. He was part of the failed regime. Everyone should have been gone.

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