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Los Mets Are Gone- Can the Fans Move Forward?

By Mike Silva ~ March 21st, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

The Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez story line is finally over. On Saturday night I tuned into WFAN’s Steve Somers in the car and heard a caller refer to releasing Perez and Castillo as the end of the “Los Mets era.” Obviously, this was a statement that was leaning towards the type of behavior ridiculously suggested last week by Andy Martino of the Daily News. As if only Latinos have felt the wrath of the Mets fan base. Just read Jeff Pearlman’s column in the Wall Street Journal today and see how the experience of Castillo and Perez pales in comparison to what was done to Doug Sisk back in the eighties. I spoke to Sisk once and he told me that someone sent him a prescription for cyanide. If you met Doug Sisk today you won’t talk to a more grounded and personable individual. Mets fans should be ashamed of their behavior towards him.

Fan is short for fanatic, but sometimes that passion is misguided. I never understood the obsession with Perez and Castillo. It’s probably because they symbolize the “so close, yet so far era” of Omar Minaya. Perhaps there is some resentment towards Minaya’s affinity for Latin ballplayers. I would be lying if I didn’t hear from multiple minor leaguers each year, when Tony Bernazard ran the farm system, how Latin players were favored over players of other ethnicities. Sometimes perception is reality, even though the truth often falls in between two polarizing positions.

My point here is there needs to be a conscience effort for the fans to move forward. This quote from a blog this weekend really irked me. It’s just everything that is wrong with fans and why blogs get a bad name in general:

I was discussing this with Randy from (Read) The Apple the other day. If Castillo and Perez aren’t on the team in 2011, who will become the scapegoat? (Because, yes, Mets fans need to hate someone – or something.)

We both agreed that Francisco Rodriguez is next in line for Mets fans hatred. Carlos Beltran – still because of 2006 – is likely next on that list.


So my question to the author is why do you need to hate someone? I won’t even get into the fact the next two targets are Latino (leave that to Martino), but isn’t the point of baseball to get away from the negativity of the real world and enjoy yourself? The Mets have made plenty of mistakes the last four years. They took a club that was on the precipice of a nice run and turned it into a soap opera. They wasted the prime of Carlos Beltran, and a large chunk of Reyes and Wright as well. Still, that doesn’t mean the club today has to pay for the sins of the past. Will the fans not stop till every player acquired during the Minaya era is gone? Will the childish booing that started back in 2007 at Shea Stadium continue? Does that fan realize Carlos Beltran is playing on knees that some of us would take time off from a desk job to repair? Does he understand why K-Rod did what he did last year? I am not excusing anything, just trying to give another point of view.

If the team is going to move forward from the Minaya era the fans need to start the process. You got what you wanted as the sacrificial lambs were thrown to the wolves. I actually feel bad for Castillo and Perez. I never met them personally, but this venture has allowed me to meet and talk to various ballplayers at different levels. I am fortunate to be able to write not just from looking at numbers on a paper, or as a fan in the stands, but having first hand perspective given to me by those on the front line. Maybe it’s made me more sympathetic to the player, versus “Joe Fan” or “Joe Blogger” who may simply write out of misguided passion or ignorance.

It’s time to move forward. Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez are gone. Can you go back to enjoying yourself? If not, I can assure you the constant negativity and hate will not lead to the end result you so desire: a successful team on the field.

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9 Responses to Los Mets Are Gone- Can the Fans Move Forward?

  1. Andrew Vazzano

    Ah, sarcasm. It’s tough to push through the Internet, it seems.

    Come on, Mike, you’ve been a fan for longer than I have. No fan is ever completely happy with the players on their team. Perez and Castillo were easy targets. You’ve likely seen the #blameBeltran hashtag on Twitter.

    Fans will always find fault with someone on the team. He becomes the scapegoat. It’s inevitable. Beltran and K-Rod are the next easiest targets.

    And really, suggesting that they’re Latino is the reason I noted them at the top of the list? You direct that one back to Martino’s column, but you suggest it directly to me.

    I wished you would have reached out to me to get my side of the story before writing this article about me, insinuating all those things.

    Maybe *this* is the problem with bloggers, if there has to be something wrong with them (us).

    Just like Mets fans – or any fans – will never be 100 percent happy, people will always have a problem with bloggers. It’s inevitable.

    And here we are, with the problem of both.


  2. Jon

    Yo, stop bitching.

  3. Matt

    It’s about time someone ripped this kid. He is by far the worst Mets Blogger on the net and gives us all a bad name. His posts are ripped from others and needs to stop thinking he is the funniest guy.

  4. Matt

    and he needs to stop thinking he is the funniest guy**

  5. Stu B

    I’d never heard of or seen Vazzano’s blog until now. I wish it remained that way. And apropos of nothing, the name
    “the ‘ropolitans” brings to mind ‘roids. Not a great association.

  6. Caleb Gindl

    Great post, Mike. I agree 100%.

  7. Russ

    It seems to me that every team has a designated whipping boy that the fan base doesn’t like. Yankee fans find Ramiro Pena to be useless, mock Sergio Mitre’s very existence and find AJ Burnett to be hard to root for because of his personality (and last season). Red Sox fans can’t stand JD Drew because they view him as an emotionless robot who just gives the appearance of being a ball player. I’m sure if I paid closer attention to other teams’ fan bases, I could find a “whipping boy” or two for each of them.

    It’s just something that happens, and in a way it’s necessary. People love stories of redemption, and when the “whipping boy” finally steps up and redeems himself in a big spot, they become popular. In October of 2009, Damaso Marte could have been elected King of NY before that, he was a bust that the fans disliked with a passion. Graeme Lloyd and David Weathers were absolutely hated in 1996, then October came and now no one remembers how vilified they were during that season.

    The thing is, guys become the fans’ “whipping boy” for a reason, and they also can lose that distinction for a reason, both are earned in some way. It’s just worth remembering that the condition is reversible, the ride from doghouse to penthouse isn’t as far as it appears.

  8. Mike Silva


    The piece your wrote, sarcasm or not, represented what a large portion of the Mets population believes. The point of the piece wasn’t to attack you personally (although it appears you took it that way), but challenge the premise of what you were writing.

    The Latino part was, again, an indictment on the statement. I have no doubt what you wrote is felt by a contingency of Mets fans. What I find astonishing is that you chose to make it a point of sarcasm versus writing something productive to counter it.

    Not an indictment, just an observation.

  9. Rick

    Solid points Mike. Too many fans seem to be happier booing than they are cheering.

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