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Carton Disses Fantasy Baseball & Strat-O-Matic

By Mike Silva ~ March 16th, 2011. Filed under: Sports Media Commentary.

Yesterday, former big league pitching coach Rick Peterson was on Boomer Esiason’s show on WFAN. When Peterson asked Boomer’s co-host Craig Carton if he plays fantasy baseball this was the response:

No, because I am not a loser.

Carton went on to say

What would you say about a guy that’s 25 years old, alright, who sits in his one bedroom apartment in Manhattan, and when the Mets are on the road he actually sits in front of his television set with a baseball scorebook and he scores the baseball game from home while watching it on TV, and then plays Strat-O-Matic baseball with his other loser friends. What would you say about a kid like that?

This is a clear shot at Evan Roberts who admits to scoring games from home. Considering that Evan works hard at being the most knowledgeable host on WFAN he deserves better than that comment. The “kid” runs circles around everyone on that station when it comes to sports knowledge. He is also a great guy that connects with the fans. Every host should be as dedicated to their job as Evan. If WFAN were the “real world” management would ask the same of the rest of their roster. Of course, how can that happen when everyone in that place is more concerned with their betting slips than actually performing their job at a high quality. If all sports talk hosts were like Evan Roberts WFAN wouldn’t be the cesspool it is today.

Keith Hernandez plays Strat-O-Matic. Does that make him a loser? Based on what I read on Page Six I would say no.

Obviously anything in excess is bad. I can assure you that you can love sports, play fantasy baseball and Strat-O-Matic, while still having a social life. Even own a house and get married. I am living proof of that. But hey, what do I know.

It’s funny how Carton, the same nerd from New Rochelle High School, walks around with a swelled head. All his success is due to the former quarterback. The ratings and MSG show are because of Boomer, not him. Is he still doing that Wayne’s World knockoff on Spike TV? Does anyone actually watch that show?

I would like to know what Carton considers cool. Is ripping off Howard Stern cool? Ambushing athletes on the air to further your career? Stealing someone else’s audio and not citing them? Renege on a promise? If so, then Carton is probably the coolest guy on radio.

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10 Responses to Carton Disses Fantasy Baseball & Strat-O-Matic

  1. Docta Mark

    Mike -

    Having been the unnamed BlogTalkRadio host of the infamous Mia Harris Memorial, I can relate to the bs Carton gets away with on air behind the cover of ratings & Boomer’s name. But I think both of those are overplayed. Carton does have a fanbase of listeners who dig his fake tough guy, watered-down Stern, second-hand Sid, change my voice tone 15x a sentence act. Hey, the Pirates have fans too. He serves a purpose at WFAN. He’s their village ‘id’.

    As for the way he treated you on air (pretending not to know you) and on-line (blocking you on Tw), none of that surprises me. If you compare that to the way Evan engages with his Tw followers and does his homework enough to make the great Francesa work up a sweat trying to break down his arguments, it’s almost as if Carton was the one who won a Fantasy Phenom contest to get the gig. Really, is there a difference b/t his toxic, frat boy rantings and the average mook going on a tirade after their 4th beer? Ugh.

    Don’t wait for honesty or accountability from CC. Like the station, they traded that in for a box of balls and a Kars-For-Kids ad a long time ago. Baseball season starts soon enough. CC is a fungo on NYBD’s fanny when it comes to that. Let him be the warm-up act & let you and the rest of the NYBD crew take the field for real.

    Soma Says, MRF 03.16

  2. TT

    the roberts thing was supposed to be funny and it was. Seriously take a joke.

  3. Jay

    Clearly there are people that enjoy his work and as Docta Mark states very well above CC does serve a purpose but I listen to sports talk radio to hear about sports.

    Yes I like it if the host has and shares a personality with the audience.

    I really enjoy the work of Steve Somers who like CC also strays from strictly “Sports Talk Radio” so I guess it comes down to what one finds humorous and interesting. I find CC to be neither of those things thus I take advantage of the fact my radio has a dial that allows me to tune in something else during morning drive. I’ll let ratings, economics, and the seemingly inevitable slip in judgment that will eventually get him fired take care of the rest.

  4. TT

    carton is killing mike on his twitter feed

  5. Mike Silva

    There is a fake – the real one hasn’t tweeted much recently

  6. Russ

    Carton is an unprofessional clown. How he’s not reprimanded for ambushing athletes on the air for his “will you be my friend?” crap is beyond me. It’s not funny, it’s just awkward and uncomfortable to listen to and crosses a line that media people should not cross. He should do that off the air or not at all because it puts the athlete in an awkward position and is not good radio.

    He brings nothing to the table outside of two funny bits, the Suzyn & Mad Dog impressions. Otherwise, he’s a hack.

    WFAN is now filled with played out bores (Sommers, Neer, Rubinson), out dated voices (Tony Paige — a boxing guy in 2011 but no MMA?), gimmicks (Adam the Bull, Carton, Benigno) and talentless parodies of a WFAN host (the new kid). Don’t even get me started on the coma inducing dullards that is their Sunday morning line up. When exactly did Malusis become this rude, down right nasty guy who clearly hates his job?

    I used to love Francessa but his constant talking over of the guests has reached the point where it has damaged his show and the station. The number of guests Mike gets per week now is an embarrassment.

    Why do they keep bringing that train wreck Sid back? Why does his voice sound so manic now? When he’s on the air, he sounds like he’s going to keel over at any second. Something is not right there.

    That station as a whole, is totally stagnant and needs a make over. The fact that Carton has no idea just how big the fantasy sports industry is now, is no surprise considering that WFAN hasn’t had any kind of fantasy presence since the days of Jody Mac reading the box scores at 2am.

    Craig Carton is a weird dude with issues, as listeners we probably don’t know anything close to the depth of just how odd he is but there is something not normal going on there.

    And WFAN’s biggest problem is that it’s 2011 and they don’t seem to know it.

  7. Mike Silva

    Another brilliant piece of WFAN analysis – you want to blog here? Couldn’t say it better myself

  8. Mike Silva

    I will say that I do like Sid, and don’t mind Benigno. The rest of the comments are spot on.

  9. Russ

    Sure, I’d be willing to do some writing from time to time, nothing wrong with having an outlet to rant on things. Plus, my strong stuff (media, fantasy, history, book & dvd reviews) seems to be a good fit.

    Let me know what you have in mind.

    On Sid, the guy just has some serious issues aside from the drug stuff that stick out like a sore thumb. I don’t know what is up with his voice but it’s changed big time since he was a regular here. It’s like this hyper, worn down staccato thing and it sounds awkward. I don’t know if he has some kind off condition that causes it, if it’s a hyperactive adrenaline thing, or he’s just doing so much radio that it’s ruining his pipes. Either way, it’s just not smooth or easy to listen to. The second thing, which is very obvious if you’ve read his book, is that he has this creepy, obsession towards WFAN. He’s got a strong regular gig in a major market but that’s not good enough. Why does he have to fly in to do fill in work at WFAN. He makes good money and his wife is a lawyer, so it can’t be financial. He does it because he just has this unhealthy obsession with the radio station. It’s all just more weird addictive behavior from him and it’s irrational.

    I also don’t understand why the FAN suits even use him after all the times he’s burned them in the past. It’s not like he’s an elite talent or anything. They should distance themselves from him because he’s bad PR waiting to happen. Plus, it’s kind of hypocritical to use him after all the no-shows and other behavior issues yet they fired Imus for far less.

    I just don’t see where the reward for using him is worth the risks. On the other side I don’t get why it’s worth it to him to take the fill in spots other than his unhealthy obsession. Also, in a way it’s not fair to his family or his audience in Florida.

    But then, I don’t get plenty of WFAN talent decisions, so this is just another one in the same vein. I mean, I still don’t get why their web presence is so weak and was so late in coming. I also don’t get why it’s a station that seems to be making the 55+ demographic their top priority. It makes no sense, especially when the days of their having high end sponsors are long gone.

  10. PatG

    I watched the Boomer & Carton show a few times and can’t believe it is still on the air. I used to have respect for Boomer, but this show he has turned himself into a joke with the pairing of that cartoon character, Craig Carton. Does Boomer really need money that badly??? They overtly hate the Yankees and Giants and can’t give an unbiased report if they tried. Carton acts like a 12 year-old and I guess that is the audience they are trying to reach.

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