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Yanks Distant Third for Cliff Lee

By Mike Silva ~ March 11th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

Cliff Lee‘s interview on WIP via Sports Radio Interviews:

Who finished second to the Phillies in his mind:
“Texas probably finished second to be honest with you. Just as far as the quality of the team and the chance to win a World Series ring, I think they’re a better team. That’s just my opinion. The Yankees can do anything at any moment to improve and they’re not afraid to go do things. That was part of the decision making process too, but I felt like with what the Red Sox had done and it seems like some of the Yankee guys are getting older, but I liked the Rangers.”

Conceivably the Yankees inability to include Eduardo Nunez in the Seattle package cost them a World Series appearance in 2010, and losing out on Cliff Lee in free agency. How would the rotation look with Lee right now?

I firmly believe that Lee would have a different take on the team if he spent a half season in New York last year. I also think the Yankees would have won the World Series.

I am always in the camp that you go for it when you have the chance. Yes, Jack Zduriencik didn’t handle the negotiations well, but Nunez is essentially a backup shortstop with lots of potential, but not spot for the next four years of Derek Jeter’s contract.

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5 Responses to Yanks Distant Third for Cliff Lee

  1. Pinstripes7

    Earth to Lee, Phillies are older than the Yanks. The contract would have been a terrible one. I, for one, am glad the Yanks didn’t get Lee. It was probably also good for Texas that he didn’t go there because that would have tied up too much money for that franchise.

  2. Stu B

    The Phillies may be as old or older than the Yankees, but with their rotation, they’re clearly the better team. But none of this really matters now. It’s time to get over it and move on.

  3. Jay

    As a Mets fan obviously I was hoping Lee would stay in Texas but I was very surprised when I heard Lee mention the age of the Yankees as being an issue considering that according to ESPN’s roster tool the Phillies have the oldest roster in MLB at 28.7 and that does not include Jamie Moyer since the age of the oldest player on the roster is given as 39. The Yankees are 9th at 27.9 and hey the Mets finally win something they are 22nd at 27.0!

  4. Michael Maggi

    Lee is just a hick d*&(bag who was afraid he wouldn’t have been able to handle the NY pressure and uses their age as an excuse. Sure, Jeter, A-Rod and Mo are all getting up there. I wouldn’t even count Posada at this point because he is simply their DH. The Yankees have a young LF, 2B, and up and coming middle of the order bat and catcher. And they have a series of young starting pitchers including Hughes, Nova, Betances, Brackman, Joba, and Banuelos.

    2 of the Phillies starting pitchers (Halladay and Oswalt) are 34 years old, their closer sucks, their 2nd baseman is always injured, their 3rd baseman and left fielder are both over the hill, and they lost their starting RF and one of their two prime middle of the order bats without replacing him.

    Yea, the Yanks are getting old but the Phillies are the pillar of youth and champions.

  5. Stu B

    As I said, time to get over it, Yankee fans!

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