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Perez Should Volunteer for Minor League Assignment

By Mike Silva ~ March 9th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

If Oliver Perez were smart he would stick around the Mets organization the remainder of the season. Regardless of whether he pitches here, or in the Atlantic League, Perez will earn $12 million dollars in 2011. The early returns are mixed even for the most positive Perez supporters. Knowing that Johan Santana is out till the All Star break, and the dubious health of Chris Young and Chris Capuano, Perez could find himself in the rotation again. Why not accept a minor league assignment and finally try to fix what ails him?

One of the issues with the Mets rotation is quality depth. Jenrry Mejia can’t be counted on because of his stunted season in the bullpen. Other options like Pat Misch, Boof Bonser, and Dillon Gee are decent, but do not project the upside of a Perez. Every team needs around eight starters to get through a season. Right now, the Mets barely have that, giving value to someone like Perez.

I am not naive enough to believe Scott Boras or Perez will agree to such a move. Although it might be good for his career, it certainly doesn’t align with the egos of the super agent and the mercurial lefty. Last season, when the Mets requested a minor league assignment, Perez declined. No one knows whether it was Boras or Perez spearheading that decision, but history suggests that Boras doesn’t always do what’s best for his clients.

No big leaguer with the service time of Perez wants to spend the spring playing the International League schedule in Buffalo. The reality of the situation is Oliver Perez throws an 85-88 MPH fastball. History suggests he is incapable of getting big league hitters out with less than his best repertoire. There is no guarantee he earns a spot with another team this spring either.

The best situation for Perez is to stick around Mets and work on what is ailing him. He might still get a shot to start this season. As a matter of fact, I would put money down the Mets are going to need 2-3 more starters at some point this season. Look at Steve Tracshel in 2001. He was shelled early in the year, accepted an assignment to Triple-A, came back and finished the season with eleven wins. Two years later he won 16 games for the Mets. Stranger things have happened.

What makes Perez and Boras think opportunity to pitch is any better elsewhere? He’s got his money, if he wants to earn more he needs to get an opportunity to start somewhere in 2011. I believe the Mets represent that best opportunity.

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2 Responses to Perez Should Volunteer for Minor League Assignment

  1. 86mets

    Here’s a suggestion for his minor league assignment: Death Valley. At least there the most harm any of his errant pitches could do is get stuck on a cactus plant, or bean a rock. And besides, Death Valley also appropriately describes where his career currently resides.

  2. tnt1528

    he should volunteer himself to the french foreign legion

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