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Yanks Roster Taking Shape

By Mike Silva ~ March 8th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

It’s still early in camp, but I believe the Yankees 25 man roster is taking shape. Most of it was a given, but there were a few spots up for grabs.

Here is my March 8th projection:

Starting Lineup
C- Russell Martin
1B- Mark Teixeira
2b- Robinson Cano
SS- Derek Jeter
3B- Alex Rodriguez
LF- Brett Gardner
CF- Curtis Granderson
RF- Nick Swisher
DH- Jorge Posada

OF- Andruw Jones
C- Jesus Montero
3B/1B- Eric Chavez
SS/2B- Eduardo Nunez

CC Sabathia
Phil Hughes
A.J. Burnett
Freddy Garcia
Ivan Nova

Mariano Rivera
Rafael Soriano
Joba Chamberlain
David Robertson
Pedro Feliciano
Boone Logan
Sergio Mitre

I personally think this roster is pretty much set. Barring injury Montero will be the backup catcher. Austin Romine just isn’t ready for the big leagues, and the only other option is Gustavo Molina now that Francisco Cervelli is injured. If Cervelli were healthy it might make for an interesting debate.

Ramiro Pena profiles more as a backup than Eduardo Nunez, but his bat is just so weak. You could argue that Nunez’s development could be stunted sitting behind Jeter, Cano, and A-Rod, but just like with Montero, there’s a lot of positives that could be gained long term by working with hitting coach Kevin Long and the coaching staff. Players would sit behind stars and learn all the time in the old days. I am sure Nunez would trade a bench spot in the Bronx over an everyday position in Scranton.

As good as Jorge Vazquez has hit the ball, logic he’s right handed, and the bench would be without a lefty. Eric Chavez gives them exactly what they need: a capable backup for A-Rod and Teixeira, and a left handed bat with some pop. He profiles well for this team.

I don’t believe in Bartolo Colon, and Freddy Garcia has a solid track record the last two years in Chicago. He will provide the Yankees what they need from a backend of the rotation spot: competitiveness, quality starts, and experience. Say what you want about Garcia’s compromised “stuff,” but I predict he gives a better effort than what was received from Javier Vazquez last year. He might become more reliable than A.J. Burnett for a fraction of the cost.

Ivan Nova is the most experienced of all the kids in camp. He’s long been a favorite of Brian Cashman, as I remember hearing him rave about Nova in 2009 at the Eastern League All Star Game.

Unless Kevin Millwood is walking through the door (unlikely), than Garcia and Nova will be the backend of the Yankees rotation.

The long man role will probably go to Sergio Mitre. He’s a Girardi favorite. Mark Prior still intrigues me, but his injury history makes him better suited for Triple-A depth. Mitre isn’t a very good pitcher, but he can give innings if one of the starters throws a dud. If things work out as we all anticipate, we won’t see Sergio Mitre very often. And if he does make an appearance it probably will be part of a white flag brigade on a given day. The only other option for this role is Bartolo Colon. Again, I don’t believe in Colon so I will stick with Mitre.

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2 Responses to Yanks Roster Taking Shape

  1. stunna4885

    bartolo is throwing really well and it would be dumb to dump him if he continues to pitch well. send nova down and if either colon or freddy falters nova will be the lst option up. as far as burnett is concerned i think he is going to have a solid season. for all the talk about his inconsistencies, hes had one really bad season[2010] and good career otherwise. check his numbers from the previous 4 year span. im tired of these ignorant people acting like he sucks. 3.99 career era, 110-100 record, 8.2 so rate. those are good #2 and #3 numbers.

  2. dutchsailor

    I agree with stunna that if Colon continues to pitch well, it’s going to be hard to dump him. Nova has options. What about Mitre? Nova could be the long man out of the pen, until Colon or Garcia fall apart.

    Otherwise, Mike, I agree with your 25 man. I think Chavez was a great pick up for the backup corner man.

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