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Watch: Summer of ’86

By Mike Silva ~ March 1st, 2011. Filed under: Sports Entertainment.

On Sunday MSG’s Fran Healy joined me to discuss the upcoming four part series about the 1986 Mets.

It starts tonight at 10pm, and Wednesday through Friday at 10:30 PM.

Here are some quotes from former Mets players:

Darryl Strawberry: “We were gettin drunk, we would drink and pass out, and then we would wake up and do it again.”

Wally Backman: “We were cocky. We were confident. We were arrogant. We expected to win every day we went out there and when we lost games we took it personally.”

Ray Knight: “If you’re gonna challenge me then I’m going to respond. I’m not going to push anybody, but when I’m pushed, I was raised to respond to that.”

Mookie Wilson: “I thought that we fell short of what that team could have accomplished. Why? You can point fingers at players, at management, whatever the reason…I don’t think the legacy of that team was ever realized.”

Additional interview subjects include: Doc Gooden, Gary Carter, Kevin Mitchell, Manager Davey Johnson, General Manager Frank Cashen, Michael Rapaport, John Turturro, John Leguizamo, Gary Dell’Abate, Carl Banks, Ed Koch, Ray Kelly, Lou Dobbs and more.

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3 Responses to Watch: Summer of ’86

  1. Docta Mark

    Mike -

    I know we’re only half way through this ‘series’ but I just needed to vent here a bit. How @#$! lazy is MSG? Whatever the answer is, I know SNY is even lazier. Here’s the 25th Anniversary of this
    ’86 Championship and it’s MSF!G that does this thing for THEIR flagship team. SNY and the Mets must have 8 or 10 of the 25 man roster of the ’86 team on the payroll. And as usual, they’re asleep.

    But this vent was posted to take down MSG for being so lazy and lame in it’s efforts to upstage SNY. So far, I’ve tried to stay alert for the 44 minutes of actual show they’ve broadcasted. Once you get past the amateurish array of still photos/talking head/slightly misframed boxes motif and the endless resets and tedious ads for Lincoln, the content is largely repetitive and accidently funny…

    The cutaway quotes are the best example. Like comparing the AIDS scare in the 80′s to the mood of NYC city back then: “It was frightening!” Really? And this helps me understand that team how?

    No highlights? No radio calls even? Not even a single archived interview? Did they do this in a bubble? And who chose the cast of cultural icons to interview? I proposed it was Jill Martin’s rolodex
    on NYBD’s show last SUN and so far I’m right. Her and Healy’s…

    And if I have to watch that idiot jump out of his apartment to get some “Touch Of Gray” crap before he tries to hump his hot neighbor I’ll scream! Can’t they sell commercials for this thing?

    Now all this ranting is wasted if I don’t say what I expected or I guessed would of liked to have seen. This is where SNY is asleep.

    1) Skip the 4 nights BS & gimme a 2 hour show and replay THAT.
    2) Segment 1: Panel of writers/media who covered them
    3) Segment 2: Panel of players from the team – SNY and beyond
    4) Segment 3: Panel of opposing players who hated them
    5) Segment 4: Panel of coaches, Davey, Cashen, etc…

    You get Beningo to host and bring in Howie, Gary, Keith and Ron as the bridge to discuss key moments in the season. Get Kiner to talk about Bob Murphy’s role in that season. Get Gary Thorne to talk about it too. Hell, get McCarver back there too. Skip the bs with Lou Dobbs and Baba Booey and geez Yankee fans like Spike Lee and John Turturro. Get me Joe Piscopo! Get me Ferris Beuler!

    But please do some work…Can you find Eric Davis? Can you find Nolan Ryan for Christ’s sake? What about some Miracle Mets too?
    What about Bobby V??? What about even getting Yogi to talk about what is what like to be in the Bronx back then and be the 2nd bananas for ONCE? I’d be curious to hear his take on that.

    But all we’re getting here is sound bytes and bs about how wild and crazy that team was. The fact is they were good AND lucky.
    If I had 2 hours to review the ’86 season, I’d skip the 108 W’s in the regular season after mentioning it in the first 90 seconds. I’d
    devote the whole show to flashbacks about each game in the NLCS and the WS. Get some of that tension up out of the ground!

    Maybe a where were you segment with some media types who were fans back then too — Mr. Met at FAN comes to mind, Linda Cohn at ESPN, hell, grab Vin Skully for a behind the scenes take on the “behind the BAG!” moment. Again, I’d IMMERSE myself in this if I had the wheel at SNY. I’d make it a damn weekly show!

    But they have infomercials and replays of LoudMouths instead…

    I’ll stfu and watch the last two episodes now. Can’t wait for the Houston arrest review. Shocker! The wild Mets got in a fight! BFD.

    I wanna know why Davey had Hojo BUNTING in the 9th inning of Game 6? Huh? I damn near drove down from Albany to ask him.

    Oy, resume your THURS, MRF 03.03

  2. Mike Silva

    I agree with your assessment

    For as good as MSG has been working with me to promote these type of series, I have to say this ’86 series didn’t have the flow of prior editions.

    As Bob Raismann pointed out in his column today, its a $$$ thing with the lack of video. I knew weeks ago that SNY wouldn’t allow their guys to talk with MSG, since MSG shuts out SNY reporters with the Knicks and Rangers.


    The biggest problem: We have discussed ’86 multiple times the last 25 years and perhaps the fans have just grown tired of it.

  3. Docta Mark

    Mike -

    That ‘tired’ part of it is b/c they always focus on the same crap. How many of us out there have an old crusty copy of the “Season To Remember” video tape (oofa, dating myself) which gave all these phonies their talking points? What hardcore Met fans want isn’t a cheesy high gloss review of Doc & Daryl’s addictions or all the talk about how the Mets were hated & had a bunch of fights.

    What’s been missing is the actual baseball. Remember that? Before we knew or cared about sabermetrics, fantasy or wtf @Randizzle14 has to say, we cared about the games. And there were 13 post-season games in that ’86 season. In the NLCS, 4 of the games were close, a 1-0 game, a game decided on a walk-off HR, and the other two were epic extra inning games. In the WS,
    you had the oddity of the Mets losing another 1-0 game in the opener and then Gooden getting pounded in Game 2. We all know the Dykstra story of swinging for leadoff HR in Game 3, but has anyone talked to Oil Can Boyd in 25 years? That’s my point.

    You could do the ENTIRE show on Games 5 and 6 of the NLCS and Games 6 and 7 of the WS and not run out of angles to cover. If we have to sit through Yankeeographies for the next 50 years on Reggie, Thurmon, Donnie Baseball and Guidry BESIDES all the Yankee Classics like the Castillo drop!, can SNY muster up an ounce of nostalgia for the one championship season the Mets had since cable television was invented?? Sigh.

    They have all Summer to reprise this stuff before the fanbase turns the generational page on them and they, like the current version, become a faded afterthought. Maybe Doc being on Celebrity Recovery is a good bookend to the ’86 team. Between that and Dykstra being the poster boy for Wall Street scammers, maybe it’s too late to get the genie back in the bottle now. It seems like every season there’s less reason to be attached to this team from the headlines to the boxscores to the incompetent media that covers them. But I’m stuck like Seinfeld says we are.

    Hide the colors, MRF 03.04

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