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Yanks Not Interested in Kawakami

By Frank Russo ~ February 24th, 2011. Filed under: New York Yankees, Rumor Mill.

I reported earlier this week the Yankees inquired about Atlanta ace Tim Hudson, but GM Frank Wren was not interested in dealing his ace, nor Derek Lowe. The Atlanta Journal Constitution picked up this story and reiterated the Braves are not looking to deal starting pitching, however I was told Atlanta would be willing to deal Kenshin Kawakami and his $6.6 million dollar salary. As you would expect, Brian Cashman is not interested in the righty who went 1-10 with 5.15 ERA.

Additionally, Buster Olney reported in his ESPN Insider column that “sources told him the Yankees didn’t inquire about Hudson.” I stand by my report, and my source, as he reiterated to me tonight that Hudson’s name came up during conversation between the Yankees and Braves. The point of the rumor was to report how Brian Cashman is working hard to acquire a starting pitcher. I respect Olney and his sources, but I believe he is wrong on this one.

I also found it interesting that Carl Pavano was named the opening day starter for Minnesota. There is heavy speculation that GM Bill Smith will trade Francisco Liriano during spring training and this move is in anticipation of Liriano not being on the ball club. I, for one, am not buying the whole sore shoulder report.

If you remember, the Yankees offered Pavano a contract this offseason. I was told the Yankees one year deal, with incentives, was very close to the total of Pavano’s two year contract with the Twins. Cashman believes that Pavano can pitch in New York and would have loved having him rejoin the ball club. Goes to show you that he really wanted to pitch in Minnesota.

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4 Responses to Yanks Not Interested in Kawakami

  1. Michael Maggi


    If you were a betting man…is Francisco Liriano a Yankee by Opening Day?

  2. Mike Silva


    My guess is the Yankees would have to overpay right now to get any starter. Unless Liriano is forcing Bill Smith’s hand ala Carmelo he will pitch for the Twins come April. If this sore arm stuff is true I would be wary. I think Carpenter is a better bet for this years team if at a reasonable cost.

  3. Pinstripes7

    I don’t know, Carpenter is due to make $15 mil per for the next 2 seasons, and he’s 36 years old. That and the fact that St. Louis will probably want one of the Yanks stud young arms, and probably one of their catchers. I’d look at another avenue.

  4. randy_bottoms

    either pavano really wanted to pitch in minnesota or he really didn’t want to pitch for the yankees again.

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