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A Bullpen With Izzy and Beato

By Mike Silva ~ February 24th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

Jason Isringhausen is the early surprise of camp earning praise from Terry Collins. If Isringhausen does impress enough to earn a spot how does that impact the rest of the bullpen? Also, knowing that Rule V draftee Pedro Beato must make the team or be offered back to Baltimore, how does he come into play? He was equally impressive this week according to observers.

Earlier in the month I predicted a bullpen that could consist of K-Rod, Parnell, Carrasco, Byrdak, a second lefty, long man, and one from the group of Beato, Acosta, Buchholz, Boyer, and Igarashi. Obviously, Isringhausen could change that a bit.

The advantage of taking Isringhausen is he would give them an experienced arm that could backup K-Rod in the event he couldn’t close a ballgame. You don’t want to lose Pedro Beato‘s electric arm, so perhaps the way to keep both Beato and Izzy is to slide Carrasco to the long man role, give Isringhausen the seventh inning, and keep Beato as the last man in the bullpen.

Although Pat Misch and Manny Acosta are out of options, and there would be a risk of losing Taylor Buchholz if he doesn’t make the team, the bullpen is going to be a necessity this year. You don’t have enough guarantees the current starting five can go consistently deep. There is a strong chance that a good chunk of games will call for the bullpen door to swing open as early as the sixth inning.

I would be comfortable losing either Acosta or Misch, but Buchholtz has a good arm as well. He hasn’t been healthy in quite a while (like Isringhausen), but it wasn’t that long ago (2008) where he was one of the top setup men in baseball.

There are still games to be played. Throwing a great curveball on the side, like Isringhausen, and lighting up the radar gun, like Beato, doesn’t mean anything to a major league hitter. We need to see both perform in games to assess if this even is a competition.

If what is reported in camp translate into games the above bullpen has some nice potential in the long and short term with Isringhausen and Beato. It also wouldn’t hurt either to have someone with Isringhausen’s experience kept around to help mentor the young guys like Parnell and Beato.

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4 Responses to A Bullpen With Izzy and Beato

  1. Beebop

    Problems,problems… Izzy or Bucholtz? Wow! Which one is more likely to pitch 20 innings? And people think the starters are a problem.

  2. Jay

    I agree with your premise that Isringhausen and Beato both making the roster would be a nice mix but I would take it a step further and say that if one final spot comes down to Izzy or Beato I think it has to go to Beato because he could potentially be a reasonably priced useful arm in the organization for years to come.

  3. Mike Silva


    I don’t sacrifice Beato. Joe Demayo did suggest the Mets could deal someone like Nick Evans, who is out of options, if he doesn’t make the team for Beato. Not sure a team like the Orioles will want to give up a good arm, although they did leave him unprotected in the first place.

  4. Mike Silva


    The bullpen is fine. K-Rod, Parnell, and Carrasco is a nice foundation. You aren’t relying on either Izzy or Buchholz. There is also young arms like Manny Alvarez as well. The Mets have plenty of bullpen options. I am not so sure they can go 8 deep with the rotation.

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