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Is Nova the Next Joba?

By Mike Silva ~ February 8th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

I am not asking that question because of innings limits, but rather, this comment by John Manuel of Baseball America in a recent interview with NoMaas:

Nova has a good chance to earn a starting role in New York. I do not expect him to be a starter long-term because he has such power stuff and inconsistent control (not to mention command) that he fits better in the bullpen.

This is exactly the type of dialogue you heard in 2008 when Chamberlain was competing for a spot in the rotation. There are other issues with Joba, but it would behoove the Yankees to establish what this kid is during the spring and stick with it.

The good news is the Yankees have collected some veteran arms that could potentially fill the last two spots of the rotation if Nova fails. Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon, and Sergio Mitre will compete, as of today, for the final rotation spot. Mark Prior is around too, but reports have indicated he is viewed as a reliever. However, I wonder if he shows some potential if that could change.

I still believe the Yankees need another starter in the mix, at least to compete for the number four and five spot. Taking a deal for an expensive veteran (i.e. Derek Lowe, Joe Blanton, Scott Kazmir) out of the equation, the best choice might be Kevin Millwood.

Would I give him five million bucks, his demands as has been reported? No. If I were the Yankees I would take a chance on a big league deal in the $2 million dollar plus incentive range. The only problem with that is the Yankees 40 man roster is full, so I am not sure it’s feasible to even make that type of contract happen. Brian Cashman also has been inclined not to guarantee any of these “low risk/high reward” players anything other than a minor league deal.

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