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Cano Headed for Record Payday

By Mike Silva ~ February 6th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

The Yankees decision to buy out Robinson Cano‘s final arbitration years looks even smarter after the news that Scott Boras will represent Cano going forward. Coming off a career year, Cano has team option in 2012 and 2013 for $14 and $15 million dollars respectively. Undoubtedly, the Yankees will exercise those options if Cano puts up numbers anywhere close to his 2010 season.

It’s hard to predict the free agent market three years from now, but if the Carl Crawford and Jayson Werth contracts are any indication where it’s going, Cano is in for a huge payday. Signing with Boras naturally gives Boras an advantage- after all the guy always seems to maximize his players earning potential-but Cano plays an elite position (2b) and has produced numbers with some of the best in the game. According to Baseball Reference, Cano has accumulated 23.9 win shares in his five year career. That’s an average of nearly five per season. To put it in perspective, recent Hall of Fame inductee Roberto Alomar averaged four a year for his career.

Cano is demonstrating a combination of power, average, and defense at second that hasn’t been seen since Alomar. As a matter of fact, it’s not inconceivable to see Cano hit 40 homers at the position. It’s possible he could challenge Davey Johnson‘s record of 43 homers established in 1973.

This all means dollar signs for Boras and Cano. Although I don’t see Cano in that stratosphere of Alex Rodriguez, I can see 7-8 years and $165 million dollars as his demand. Cano also will be right smack in his prime when he hits free agency. Fangraphs has Cano’s last two seasons worth $20+ million dollars, right in line with my prediction.

The good news is Cano is under contract with the next three of years. The $39 million owed is a steal since the Yanks might get $75 million in performance. However, the payday is coming, and Scott Boras very well might put Robinson Cano in a pay stratosphere that only Alex Rodriguez, and soon Albert Pujols, will reach.

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  1. Kurt Smith

    Werth and Crawford are good ballplayers, but neither of them are worth the contracts that they got. One wonders how much hot dogs will cost a couple of years from now when more Boras clients’ contracts come up.

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