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Yanks Back to the “Old” Way of Doing Business?

By Mike Silva ~ January 14th, 2011. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

Confirmed: There was a split of opinion in NYY front office on signing of Soriano. More ownership-driven deal than from baseball operations.less than a minute ago via web

Although I agree with the Soriano deal, I do think its concerning that ownership is pushing baseball moves. What put the Yankees in a bad spot before 2005 was the whole Tampa/New York divide, where suits were determining what type of players the Yankees should acquire. These decisions were often based on marketing and instant gratification, which we know could ultimately lead to issues long term.

The organization has never been run better since Brian Cashman was given autonomy to make decisions. A team that focuses on player development, with responsible free agent contracts, is dangerous when you consider the Yankees payroll. If Cashman felt losing a draft pick was too big a price for Rafael Soriano, then I would have supported his decision. After all, he has a winning track record.

A move the Yankees should have made, in my opinion, was signing Jeff Francis for the rotation. Considering he only received a $2 million dollar deal with incentives ($2 million) in Kansas City, it’s a deal I think would have been a good value. Considering there is tons of question marks in the back half of that rotation it almost is criminal that Francis will toil for one of the worst teams in baseball. Of course, Francis could be looking at it as an opportunity to reestablish himself in a low pressure environment, get traded midseason to a contender, and position himself for a multiyear deal next offseason.

I saw Francis as a similar pickup to what the Yankees did with Jon Lieber back in 2003, without having to wait for him to pitch for a year.

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4 Responses to Yanks Back to the “Old” Way of Doing Business?

  1. Michael Maggi

    Mike, no offense but I don’t share your complete trust of Cashman’s decision making abilities. He has made some good moves but I think he has let his autonomy go to his head. The Yankees hedged their entire 2011 season on signing Cliff Lee. They lost that bet. They should have never been in that position in the first place and for that I blame Cashman. He had to sign CC and AJ 2 years ago because of the lack of rotation-ready organizational pitchers. He received full control in 2005 or 2006 and 5 years later still has no prospects that are ready to be starters. He has also gotten prospect happy. He needs to know when to part with a draft pick or prospect to improve the team and has lost sight of that. He has gone too far the other way, the opposite extreme of Steinbrenner. With the exception of the Swisher deal, name one creative trade Cashman has made since he was given control of baseball operations.

  2. Mike Silva

    I think the farm system, under the guidance of Cashman, Newman, Oppenheimer, etc is about to produce a plethora of pitching.

    Go back to some of the prospect lists 2005 and earlier. Outside of Hughes, what did they have?

    Also give him credit for Teixeira negotiations, and some of the small moves (Hinske) in 2009.

    Is he perfect? No, but I think the overall direction of the organization is far better than at any point in the last 20 years. With the exception of when Steinbrenner was suspended.

    As for Lee, the weak market is more of a residual of no Plan B versus a failure of the Yankees. Who really thought they would be outbid? I didn’t. In the end, he wanted to go to Philly – shocking to everyone.

  3. UncleMario

    Not so fast Michael. You seem to forget that Cashman traded for Shawn Chacon from the Rockies in exchange for two minor leaguers on 07/28/05 along with signing Aaron Small.

    While both Chacon and Small played a big role for the 2005 Yankees, they are both supported Mike’s point on the state of Yankee farm system producing pitching prospects at that time.

  4. Mike Silva


    I agree with that point, but the Yankees had just started their focus on player development that spring (Jed Weisberger has referenced this on a few shows). To expect the fruits of that labor to be recognized that quickly is unfair.

    Hughes, Robertson, Chamberlain, Nova are three important pitchers on the staff the last few years. I suspect the next 2 years more is to come.

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