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The Best Pitching Option Left for the Yankees Is…

By Mike Silva ~ December 22nd, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

Is a pitcher that gives 200 quality innings, and has a benchmark of success in the American League. Yes, I know that is Andy Pettitte, but put him aside for a second, doesn’t this pitcher fit the mold:

2010 17 11 .607 3.75 32 32 7 2 221.0 227 92 24 37 117 111 1.195 1.5 4.8
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Generated 12/21/2010.

That would be none other than Carl Pavano.

Yes, I hear you laughing, but perhaps Pavano was really hurt during his Yankees tenure. Maybe the difficult four years matured him to the point that he is finally taking his career seriously. For all the ridicule of Pavano he pitched ok for the Yankees when he was on the mound. The problem was he was never healthy.

All reports make it seem he wants to stay in Minnesota, but I believe the Twins are going to have to give him a three year deal. Pitchers like Pavano are in the Ted Lilly/Randy Wolf/Jorge de la Rosa salary range of about 3 years and $35 million dollars. That is what #3 starter money has become in this 2010 baseball economy.

If Carl Pavano‘s name was John Doe don’t you think there would be serious Yankees interest?

That’s why I still believe a Derek Lowe or Joe Blanton might make sense at this point. Those pitchers will only cost money, not top prospects, when it’s all said and done.

As for Andy Pettitte. I believe he will retire, especially now that you hear he could potentially be a key witness in the Roger Clemens trial. I don’t think the Yankees want their #3 starter taking time off for “jury duty.”

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  1. Mister D

    I don’t think the irony is lost on anyone, Mike. We all knew this the moment Lee signed elsewhere. The thing is while the Yankees broke up amicably with Giambi, Damon and Matsui, Pavano was a bitter divorce born of shattered dreams. The man could have won 2 Cy Young’s in 2009-10, and learned how to throw 105mph sliders, and the Yanks still couldn’t touch him, nor he the Yankees. Just too many hard feelings, not just from the player and fans, but also management and teammates.

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