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Pettitte, Lowe, and Yankees Inactivity

By Frank Russo ~ December 22nd, 2010. Filed under: Rumor Mill.

In talking with my main Yankees source in Tampa there still is hope from the Yankees that Andy Pettitte will return in 2011. Some players, including Mariano Rivera, are working on convincing Pettitte to come back for another run.

The Braves continue to call the Yankees about Derek Lowe, but as of this writing there isn’t any interest. Last year Atlanta wanted to send Lowe, not Javier Vazquez, when the two teams began talking. Brian Cashman preferred Vazquez who was coming off a career year with the Braves in 2009. Personally I think Lowe is a great fit for what the Yankees need in the rotation. He will give them innings, veteran presence, and has postseason experience. It doesn’t hurt that he already has proved he can navigate the American League East. Even if Pettitte returns they should acquire Lowe as I believe none of the kids are ready to step in full time.

There is also many in the Yankees organization “scratching their heads” at the inactivity of Brian Cashman thus far. What is even more frustrating is how the team put all their eggs in the Cliff Lee basket. Not only that, but the whole saga paralyzed them for weeks. Remember, they didn’t even sign Russell Martin until Lee agreed to a deal with the Phillies. NYBD has had a couple of industry sources tell us the Yanks were very upfront about how they couldn’t move forward with any moves until the Lee situation was straightened out.

Cashman is not in danger of losing his job, right now, but this has the makings of a disaster. If the lack of moves derails their 2011 season you can be sure it will be an indictment on Cashman. Remember, things have a way of changing quickly in the “Yankees Universe.”

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Frank is a resident of East Brunswick, NJ and former radio announcer. He is a 4th generation Republican and Yankees Fan. He also enjoys listening to talk radio. His favorite announcer is Shawn Hannity of “Hannity” on FOX and enjoys reading about military history. In addition to rooting for the Yankees, he also has a passion for the New York Islanders. You can enjoy Frank’s work at The Dead Ball Era and his book “Bury My Heart at Cooperstown”. Check out his “Rants and Raves” on New York Baseball Digest.

9 Responses to Pettitte, Lowe, and Yankees Inactivity

  1. Michael Maggi


    What moves do you see them making before Spring Training? Multiple sources have mentioned a right-hander in the bullpen, a utilityman, and a right-hand hitting outfielder. But the starting pitching will likely stand pat. What names are you hearing for all of these roles? Personally I’d like to see Andruw Jones, Jeff Keppinger, Rafael Soriano, and two starting pitchers, preferrably Andy Pettitte and maybe someone like Anibal Sanchez or Fausto Carmona.

  2. Ben Vinutti

    why does this inactivity have “the makings of a disaster?” the team is essentially the same as last season when they won 95 games…less Pettite (missed a bunch of time injured) and Vazques (addition by subtraction). Calm down everything will be OK

  3. Michael Maggi


    Because right now the Yankees have no one to solidify the pen like Wood did last year. No Pettitte to carry them through the 1st half like last year. If you recall, the Yanks had a terrible 2nd half. Their starting pitching staff, and this may be giving Phil Hughes too much credit, is essentially “Spahn and Sain and pray for rain”.

  4. Frank Russo


    The Yankees love Soriano, but again, it;s a case of him wanting to close. I have a feeling that they are going to wait until January before they start bringing in “Value Players” to fill in the hoiles. Keppinger would be a good fit, at the right price. The Yanks had interest the past few seasons in Ty Wigington, but allowed him once again to sign with another team becaus ethey did not want to pony up the money. They have no interest in Andru Jones. Johnny Damon is basically offering himself to the Yanks for nothing, but Cashman again seems to be disinterested. It’s getting quite to be quite frustrating watching Cashman basically sit and wait.

  5. JJ

    Yankees need to trade for Carlos Zambrano. They have enough young arms and catchers that they can do a move like this and still have plenty left on the farm. Maybe Brackman, Romine and a prospect?

    Big Z burned a bridge but has worked well with Rothchild. He’s also still pretty young and definitely a gamer.

    CC, Z, Andy, Phil and AJ is better than what they rolled with last year for sure. Remember, they won 95 games with basically CC, Phil, AJ (5+era), Javy (5+era) and Mosely/Mitre.

    On a side note, I disagree with “Nova isn’t ready”. If you watch him pitch, see his stuff and mound awareness….he is ready….and won’t do even close to as poorly as Javy did, for a zillionth of the price.

  6. jerry mumphrey

    Here goes Cashman dumping on another rumor….please give us something to think or get excited about….”It was just part of our canvassing process,” Cashman said about whatever contact he had with Damon”

  7. AH

    I have to call this BS out finally. These “Tampa Sources” say the same generalized crap every time spewing out nothing buy generalized statements. Who else were the Yankees going to target besides Lee? Crawford and Werth didn’t make sense. Lee barely made sense. Were teams really beating the doors down for Russell Martin. Sorry, there is a reason why legit places, even blogs like the Brewer Blog that broke the Greinke trade, have sources that say something. Not some general crap. Please.

    Cashman and the Steinbrenners have been nothing but up front about winning on a budget. Nobody is frustrated except the annoyed, spoiled Yankees fan. Are they the source?

    And, if you do have a source, there is no need to start every article with “I spoke with my main tampa source.” Comical

  8. Frank Russo


    If you don’t like what I write, then I suggest you go some where else. Jed Weisberger actually knows who my source is, and no, I am not going to reveal him just because you want me to, sorry!

  9. Bobby


    Do your initials stand for A-Hole? because you sure are
    acting like one. Go find another blog to bitch about.

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