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Shoulds Yanks Go “Herschel Walker” on King Felix?

By Mike Silva ~ December 19th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

Now that Zack Greinke appears to be headed to Milwaukee the Yankees don’t have a clear “Plan B” since losing out to Cliff Lee. Not that Greinke was a viable option as the team decided a while back his makeup wasn’t fit for the New York spotlight. Considering it took a decent prospect haul for the Brewers to complete a deal with Kansas City, the risk was too heavy for the Yankees to take. The next logical name brought up is AL Cy Young Award winner Felix Hernandez.

There is no motivation for Seattle to trade Hernandez as he signed through the 2014 season. Of course, overpaying for him might give Jack Zduriencik reason to reconsider, especially since the Mariners are not close to contending in the American League.

Joel Sherman proposed a wild deal that would include Jesus Montero, Ivan Nova, Eduardo Nunez, David Adams, and Dellin Betances. If I am Seattle I take this deal and run, although I doubt the Yankees would ever be willing to give up this type of haul.

I realize the Yankees have some ageing players like Jeter, Rivera, Posada, and if he returns Pettitte, but there is no reason to panic after losing out on Cliff Lee. My first choice would be to get Pettitte back in the fold and allow Nova to show his stuff in the fifth spot. Bring in a veteran like Freddy Garcia as insurance. Two years ago the Red Sox brought in aging vets like John Smoltz and Brad Penny. Neither did well, but it didn’t stop them from making the playoffs. If Pettitte retires I suggest you work out a deal for Derek Lowe in Atlanta. He’s got two years left at $30 million, which would make it more salary relief for Atlanta than a prospect haul.

It’s time to see what these kids have. You are a year away from potentially having a half dozen kids vying for the rotation. King Felix still will be there, and his escalating salary might give Seattle more motivation to make a deal. This isn’t like 2008 where you are relying on three kids in an ace-less rotation. Sabathia, Burnett, and Hughes are a decent top three. Add in a Derek Lowe or Andy Pettitte and there is no reason to believe they still can’t win 95 games. The more you trade away your farm system the bigger the bill due will be in 3-4 years when 10 players are making $190 million dollars.

However, the question I pose to you is do you agree with Joel Sherman? Should the Yankees go “Herschel Walker” on Seattle and give them an offer they can’t refuse? I am curious to see if you agree with me.

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21 Responses to Shoulds Yanks Go “Herschel Walker” on King Felix?

  1. Louis

    Joba Chamberlin, David Paterson, Montero and a minor league prospect for Felix Hernadez.

  2. Mike Silva


    I think you mean David Phelps, unless the soon to be ex Governor of NY is part of the proposal :) – just messing with you.

  3. Stu B

    Actually, he’s the soon-to-be ex-governor. And Louis, I don’t see that deal getting done with “Fat Toad” Chamberlain as one of the main pieces. I think it would have to be something like Montero, Nova, Chamberlain, and a guy like Brandon Laird.

  4. Louis

    Hey, the ex-Gov needs work, so I put him in the package and hoped to ship him out of State all in one shot…

    Anyway, let’s rephrase…Joba, Robertson, Montero and Nova…
    I’d be curious see if they’d turn down that 4 for 1.

    If I’m on the other side of that deal, I might have to take it. And, if I’m Seattle, I would put Joba in the rotation from day 1 of spring training and see where it goes. 2 starting pitchers, a quality set up guy, and a big bat…again, how do you turn that down even if you don’t want to trade Hernandez?

    Seriously, I do believe Cashman has to make a big deal for a front line guy…and he definitely made a mistake letting Wood go.

  5. Stu B

    Louis, that’s a lot more reasonable than your first idea…and Cashman didn’t let Wood go, Wood let the Yankees go because he wanted to play for the Cubs. It all came together after he talked to the Cubs GM at Ron Santo’s funeral…

  6. Louis

    >>> and Cashman didn’t let Wood go, <<<

    yes he did…he let him go as soon as he went public with "we're not looking to give him closer money…". If they came in anywhere above $2-3m per, they would have had Wood. Penny wise, pound foolish. Wood was and is worth $3m per.

    Now the reports are that the Yanks turned down a Greinke deal for Montero and Nunez because of Zack's "disorder"…Evidently, Greinke was willing to waive the no trade.

  7. E Yank

    Trade Jesus Montero, Ivan Nova, Eduardo Nunez, David Adams for Felix Hernandez.

    Do not touch Joba Chamberlain.

    Felix Hernandez is ranked as the second best pitcher in the MLB, and he is only 24 years old. This could be the ACE for the Yankees for the next 10 – 12 years.

    Trade ASAP.

    Add Dellin Betances, if necessary.

    Felix Hernandez is a must to keep up with the Red Sox.

    In 3 years, Hanley Ramirez will replace Derek Jeter, and next year Mariano Rivera (still with team, 2 year contact) will be replace by Jonathan Papelbon (contact up next year). Red Sox signed just signed Bobby Jenks.

    Trade for Felix Hernandez ASAP.

    There are no top 10 ACE’s available in next year free agent class.

  8. Mike Silva

    Why don’t touch Joba Chamberlain? Not that he has that much value anymore. Those kids you mentioned are probably more valuable to the organization anyway.

  9. E Yank

    Plus, Felix Hernandez is only due $10 million in 2011, $18.5 million in 2012, $19.5 million in 2013 and $20 million in 2014.

    That is cheaper than Cliff Lee, and he is 8 years younger. Money Saved.

  10. Stu B

    Wrong, Louis – Wood took a $1.5 million, 1-year deal from the Cubs, beacuse he wanted to be there…read the story here – http://chicago.cubs.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20101216&content_id=16330784&vkey=news_chc&c_id=chc

    @E Yank – what’s so great about Chamberlain? He’s one of the most overrated players in MLB…

  11. E Yank

    I think giving up on Joba as a starter is not the best course of action. I think the Yankees have botched his development by moving him back and forth while relying on him during his entire development process as a key cog at the major league level. They got lucky and struck gold in 2007 with him coming out of nowhere to lock down the 8th inning, but you can’t expect young pitchers to perform consistently like developed veteran pitchers during their development process. Joba should be honing his craft as a starter in AAA.

  12. Stu B

    I see your point, E Yank, but if what you say about Hernandez is true, would you really want to let Chamberlain stand in the way?

  13. E Yank

    At the very last resort.

    Felix Hernandez is needed. Cheap contract, young (less risk), and a top 3 pitcher in MLB for years to come.

  14. E Yank

    2011 Farm System Rankings, December 17, 2010:

    1. Royals (50)
    2. Rays (47)
    3. Braves (44)
    4. Blue Jays (38)
    5. Yankees (34)
    6. Reds (33)
    7. Rangers (31)
    7. Indians (31)
    9. Angels (30)
    9. Phillies (30)
    9. Twins (30)
    12. Dodgers (29)
    13. Mariners (28)
    13. Padres (28)
    15. Athletics (25)
    15. Cubs (25)
    15. Pirates (25)
    18. Nationals (24)
    19. Red Sox (23)
    20. Mets (22)
    21. Orioles (21)
    21. Rockies (21)
    23. Giants (19)
    24. Tigers (18)
    24. Cardinals (18)
    26. Astros (17)
    26. Diamondbacks (17)
    28. White Sox (15)
    29. Brewers (13)
    30. Marlins (11)

    The Yankees might still have enough prospects if they were to trade for Felix Hernandez.

  15. Stu B

    If the Yankees farm system is that great, E Yank, what’s wrong with being patient and letting their homegrown talent fill out the rotation?

  16. E Yank

    That is years down the line.

    Yankees need to win now, and every year.
    They are the richest team in the MLB, we can always buy players.
    The farm system is only potentially good players. I would take a proven player in the MLB any day esp if money was not an option.

    Yankees need to make move, else the next 2 years are wasted with this high payroll. Pitching is the key. CC and Felix best one – two punch (or equal to Roy and Cliff) in the MLB for years to come.

    I think about we would pay Andy more than we would pay Felix (10 million) this upcoming year. A pitcher like Felix on the open market will command money north of 23 million a year. We could say money via a trade for Felix.

  17. Stu B

    1. But no team, even the Yankees, can win every year – just 1 championship in the last decade…so as Jed Weisberger wrote, it would be more prudent for them to bring in a solid, battle-tested guy like Derek Lowe. They might not win even with Hernandez, especially if Pettitte retires. And it would be even worse if they trade all those top prospects and Hernandez can’t handle NY, as some players can’t, and turns into another Ed Whitson. And they might be trading away another Doug Drabek, Willie McGee, Jay Buhner, or Fred McGriff in the process.

    Plus, the Mariners are a proud major league (not minor league) franchise, and the same things that make Hernandez attractive to the Yankees are reasons for them to keep him. Other teams have more to do than simply feed talent to the Yankees on demand.

    2. “Yankees need to win now, and every year.
    They are the richest team in the MLB, we can always buy players.”

    JHC, you can cut your arrogance with a knife! Are you even old enough to remember the Yankees not being in the playoffs before 2008?

  18. E Yank

    In 3 years, Hanley Ramirez will replace Derek Jeter, and next year Mariano Rivera (still with team, 2 year contact) will be replace by Jonathan Papelbon (contact up next year). Red Sox signed just signed Bobby Jenks.

    In 2013, AJ Burnett out the door, and TIm Lincecum in, who is eligible for free agency after the 2013 season.

    Imagine: Felix, CC, and Tim in the same rotation.

  19. Stu B

    You are arrogant, E Yank, the poster child for why so many people can’t stand Yankees fans and their sense of entitlement. Why stop with Ramirez and Linecum? Why not just put the top 25 MLB players on the Yankees so no other team even has a chance? Would you enjoy having the Yankees win 120 games and the World Series for maybe 10 straight years with no competition? That might get boring, even for you.

    With the approach you’re suggesting, the extreme result is that fans of other teams will stop paying to go to games if their teams don’t have a chance, maybe 5-6 franchises go under. Then there wouldn’t be enough tead ams to fill out the schedule and MLB just becomes a joke and goes down the tubes. How would you like that?

  20. E Yank

    Look at the Phillies and Red Sox rotation.

    It might be realistic.

    The Yankees are just keeping up.

  21. Stu B

    Sorry, scheming of hown to get the likes of Hanley Ramirez, Tim Lincecum, and any other all-star you can think of 2 or more years down the road is not keeping up, it borders on megalomania. You Yankee fans are like spoiled children who cry if you don’t get a bunch of new toys at Christmas!

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