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Lastings Milledge Still Hasn’t Learned His Lesson

By Mike Silva ~ December 15th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

It seems Lastings Milledge still hasn’t learned his lesson. During the last weekend of 2007, Milledge hit a couple of homers on a Saturday afternoon that many believe incited the Marlins, who would go on to eliminate the Mets in back to back seasons.

Earlier this week in Winter Ball, Milledge was up to his old tricks again when he threw a pretend grenade in the opposing dugout after a double.  Click here to see what ensued.

Not the best way to let 30 general managers know that you have matured and are serious about playing baseball. I advocated the Mets taking a chance on Milledge this offseason after he was non- tendered by the Pirates.

Milledge has talked about growing up in the past, but apparently that is still a work in progress.

Milledge bad behavior has been discussed about on this site a few times which you can read here, here, and here

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10 Responses to Lastings Milledge Still Hasn’t Learned His Lesson

  1. JimmyBX

    He didn’t throw a grenade, jackass. He stole a base when the game was out of reach.

  2. Mike Silva

    Read the link he gestured to the dugout

  3. keith

    he threw the granade to his dugout. people do that all the time. its just like that claw thing that the rangers do. everytime the rangers get a hit they do that. i love how people make up things when they really dont know what went on. if general managers look at this as a red flag then there idiots. what it shows is that he actually that likes being out there and has fun playing the game. Give me lastings who is only 25 and still has great upside over any other old washed outfielder who has already been signed. If you hit me on purpose during a game for a stupid reason then im going to still as many bags as i can. Still you people rip this guy continouesouly. He will be a great player when it comes down to it and you people are not gonna have much to say then

  4. Mike Silva


    Been hearing that song for almost 5 years – right now Milledge needs to show he can make a big league club – stardom isnt even in the discussion

  5. keith

    I know he needs to prove himself but i see guys like jonny damon and jason giambi getting signed before milledge to me thats a joke

  6. John

    Silva has a history of ripping Milledge. He’s only 25 and could still have similar career to Jayson Werth.

  7. Phil

    What a bunch of garbage. Looks like Silva still needs to grow up, not Blastings.

  8. srt

    The phantom grenade throw was to his own dugout, not the opposition.

    Poor reporting – whether deliberate or lazy.

  9. George

    Could he benefit from visiting a sports psychologist?

  10. Mike Silva

    I think all athletes could I believe – it will help them understand themselves better. Knowing how you are wired is key in self development IMO.

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