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Vote: Bring Canseco to Port St. Lucie?

By Mike Silva ~ December 14th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets, Polls.

I have the same bat speed and still use a 36 lenght 35 oz batless than a minute ago via TweetCaster

Sandy alderson please give me a chance to play first base ,even just a tryoutless than a minute ago via TweetCaster

I don’t need to explain again why I think Sandy Alderson and the Mets are doing the right thing by punting on offseason 2010-2011. Although I don’t agree the team should make a splash for marketing purposes, it wouldn’t hurt to add some “juice” to the offseason. Both Howard Megdal and I recommended the team consider Manny Ramirez for the outfield on an incentive laden deal. That went over like a lead balloon, so I am sure this next idea will be even worse: bring Jose Canseco to spring training. This was actually suggested by Joe Janish of Mets Today over the weekend.

Canseco has been begging teams on Twitter to bring him into camp. He believes he can still hit 40+ homers at the age of 46 without steroids. He even offered to play first base.

Obviously there is a connection between Sandy Alderson and Canseco from his Oakland days, but I doubt that matters much anymore. Imagine the airwaves light up if Canseco was invited to spring training.

Canseco actually went to camp with Montreal in 2002 when Omar Minaya was the general manager, and tried out for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2004. He’s made claims the league didn’t want him to make the team in either situation. It probably didn’t help that he hit only .200 with 3 homers in 35 at bats with the Expos that spring.

Even if the Mets wanted to do this for some spring training publicity it will not happen. Bud Selig will never allow a team to bring back a man that exposed the flaws of Major League Baseball. Unfortunately, the game is run by an old school “good old boys network” that loves to cover up their transgressions, but sanctimoniously punish others for the same. I wrote a couple of years ago that I believed Canseco is actually a sympathetic figure. Why should he be punished for simply being one of the symbols of a larger issue?

If Garth Brooks deserves a spring look why not Canseco? He probably belongs in the American League, but it would be interesting to see what he has left trying out for any team.

So have I lost my mind? It’s just a spring invite. Tell me what you think.

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2 Responses to Vote: Bring Canseco to Port St. Lucie?

  1. Matthew Cerrone

    The circus is over Mike. There is no need to bring it back to town.

  2. UncleMario

    Maybe if he brought the black belts he claimed to hold in the martial arts to Port St. Lucie (which was debunked by both Vai Sikahema and Hong Man Choi). Canseco might be telling the truth about steroids in MLB, but anything else he claims (his fighting ability included), please.

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