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Cliff Lee Never Wanted to Leave the Phillies?

By Mike Silva ~ December 13th, 2010. Filed under: Rumor Mill.

I find it interesting that Philadelphia is now being tabbed as the “mystery team” in the Cliff Lee sweepstakes (good job Joe Delgrippo calling this during our Winter Meetings podcasts). It was just a year ago that Lee was traded from the Phillies after he declined the same extension that Roy Halladay would eventually sign.

During our Rule 5 Draft show (around the 35th minute) last week, NYBD contributor and MILB writer Jed Weisberger shared a Lee story that has made it rounds throughout the baseball community. When Lee turned down the 3 year/$60 million dollar extension the Phillies decided to trade him three days later. Lee went to Ruben Amaro and said “I thought this was a negotiation,” which obviously it wasn’t.

You could take a lot away from this story, but it has been widely speculated that Lee never wanted to leave the Phillies, and because of that deal, he’s soured on the team. Obviously money talks, but could the Phillies pull off the ultimate shocker and beat both Texas and the Yankees for his services. How does a rotation of Halladay, Lee, Hamels, and Oswalt make the rest of the National League feel?

I still consider Philadelphia a distant third in this race. I believe Texas ultimately will land Lee if the money is close. NYBD contributor Frank Russo reached out to two sources that have various degrees of optimism about Lee signing with the Yankees. One NL Executive believes the odds of a Lee/New York union was 10%. Frank’s Tampa sources were still around 50/50 a deal could get done. Of course, this is way down from last week where we were given 90+ percent odds of the Yankees landing Lee.

Could it be we are all wrong and Lee just wants to go back to Philadelphia? What a blow that would be to both New York teams. It actually might make Lee public enemy number one in this town.

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3 Responses to Cliff Lee Never Wanted to Leave the Phillies?

  1. Stu B

    Guess you were all wrong and Lee did want to be back in Philly…

  2. Russ

    The awful “journalism” practiced by WFAN strikes again.

    Steve Somers landed the first post-Lee interview with John Heyman.

    To say his questions were, as per his wont, hideous is an understatement.

    When asking about the Yankees possibly trading for a SP from another team, believe it or not, the two names he brought up were Felix Hernandez and get this…Jake Peavy!

    Apparently, Sommers, the 20+ year veteran of covering sports, is the only baseball fan on earth who doesn’t know that Peavy is damaged goods. How do you even bring that name up, especially when all 4 other White Sox starters have been mentioned as potential trade targets for the Yankees.

    Could there possibly be a reason why no one else has brought up Peavy’s name, Steve?

    No chance, just like there is no chance that WFAN’s version of Larry King would ever prepare just to give the impression of having a clue.

    An embarrassment of epic proportions. Why is this man employed again? Does anyone know? Who does he have compromising pictures of in WFAN management? Senility and sports do not work well together, kids.

  3. Stu B

    To pick up on Russ’s idea, what’s up with one media member interviewing Heyman, another media member? Hardly a primary source…

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