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Cliff Lee Is Fungible?

By Mike Silva ~ December 13th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, Sports Media Commentary.

via Bob’s Blitz

Professa Mike Francesa was at his see-through best on Friday. Addressing the Cliff Lee hunt, he said that Lee has “fungibility.” Then, His Highness’s sense of noblesse oblige kicked in. He explained the word’s meaning to his audience of serfs, peons, vassals and the ill-bred.

Fungibility, said Fran-say-so, means “uniqueness, unique.”

Gong! It not only doesn’t mean unique, it means almost the opposite. Fungibility means to possess such similar qualities that the items can be interchangeable.

Francesa, apparently having been informed off-air of his error, later tried to re-explain fungibility, as if he knew its meaning but might have left his audience of sloggers and grunts confused — as if we misheard and he didn’t misspeak. But his protracted, contradictory explanation just dug him deeper.

He might have said, “You know, my definition of fungibility, earlier, was wrong” and been done with it. Fat chance.

The amazing part was that NYBD was told by our WFAN moles that V/P Sports Programming CBS Radio/V/P Programming CBS Radio New York/WFAN Operations Manager
Mark Chernoff was angry that yours truly was mentioned on the air. He said giving blogs like this “credibility” was not something that WFAN does. Well, apparently their number one talk show host doesn’t take accountability for mistakes. Of course, he doesn’t “blog” so that is perfectly acceptable.

Blogs are not good radio, but Joe D from Brooklyn ranting about the Yankees in a raspy voice each day apparently is. I must be living in an alternate universe.

By the way, have you ever seen someone have more titles than Chernoff? I work for a Fortune 500 and even the CEO doesn’t have that many titles. Self important much?

Also, as of this writing, 60% of NYBD fans believe Craig Carton is afraid to have me on the air to discuss our differences. And this guy fancies himself as tough?

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4 Responses to Cliff Lee Is Fungible?

  1. RonOK

    Mike, the Francessa clip is priceless. Reminds me so mush of Minaya when he was fumbling hs way theu the Bernazard mess and then the Rubin attacks.

  2. Russ

    That’s awesome because he seemed so proud of himself for dropping that word into the conversation but in reality he just pulled it out of his ass.

    BTW — “Conversation” is the act of one person passing along his knowledge and views to those he views to be beneath him.

    On my definition of “conversation”….

  3. Gordie

    The staggeringly long explanation of fungibility was an all-time classic radio moment.

  4. Dan

    Mike — Shouldn’t Phil Mushnick have been given some credit here (perhaps by Bob’s Blitz) such that it’s clear that he is the source of some of the text included here?

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