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Mystery Team, Texas Investors, Cloud Lee Sweepstakes

By Mike Silva ~ December 10th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, Rumor Mill.

The Cliff Lee saga continues to take a few odd turns as Jon Heyman of SI reports late tonight that even though the Yankees have offered one more year and more money, Lee’s time in Texas, and a possible mystery team, could be obstacles to a deal being finalized.

We have been reporting about Lee’s desire to stay in Texas since earlier in the week. I don’t believe he will turn down significantly more money or years, but if the deal is close he’s staying in Arlington. There has yet to be a solid report about the variety of offers made by Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg when he visited Lee’s home on Thursday, but I suspect Texas wouldn’t have bothered to make the trip if they weren’t serious about giving Lee something to think about. Michael Schmidt of the NY Times points out that Texas does have a couple of deep pocket investors that could be difference makers.

What might be more of a concern to the Yankees is the “mystery team” that continues to crop up. Heyman said there were two “mystery teams” earlier in the week. One was believed to be the Washington Nationals, who have since moved on to Zack Greinke. Another strong possibility is the Anaheim Angels who lost out on Carl Crawford earlier this week.

If not Anaheim who else could be in this? Boston is on record as saying they are out, but could that be just a smokescreen? The Phillies just lost Jayson Werth, but you would think their already at their payroll maximum. The Dodgers have been spending freely this winter, but would they invest in Lee while ownership is going through a divorce? Signing Ted Lilly for three years is one thing, Lee is another. The White Sox, although on record as being at their budget, are another team I would keep an eye on as Kenny Williams loves to make a headline. Another AL Central team, Detroit, has been spending this winter as well.

Again, I believe Darak Braunecker is using the mystery team to drive the bidding between the Yankees and Rangers, who both appear to have made their best and last offer. An NYBD source likes to call this “agent speak.”In the end it might come to the cold hard dollars versus the pull of being close to home.

Many believe a decision will come by the end of the weekend.

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  1. bigoil

    The Angels are the mystery team with a 7-year offer at $25 million per year.

    The Lee children are excited about their upcoming trip to Disneyland.

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