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Reyes and Beltran to Arizona Rumor

By Mike Silva ~ November 24th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets, Rumor Mill.

Spanish newspaper El Nueva Dia reports the Mets and Diamondbacks are talking about a blockbuster that would send Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, and Jenrry Mejia to Arizona for Justin Upton and Stephen Drew. At least that is what I get from this translation.

I find this type of scenario unlikely since most reports indicate that Kevin Towers wants an outfielder, pitcher, and reliever for Upton alone. In this deal the D-Backs will be taking on $29 million in salary and sending back less than $8 million. Doesn’t seem likely unless the Mets pay a good portion of Beltran’s contract.

Every offseason a Spanish newspaper throws out a wild rumor that is fun to discuss. This might be the first, and best, we will hear this hot stove.

Actually, if it is true, I might actually sign up for it. The Mets would have Upton signed to a reasonable deal as he is entering the second year of a 6 year/$51 million dollar deal. Drew is arbitration eligible and fits more what Sandy Alderson looks for: High OBP and power. He’s not as good defensively as Reyes, but has improved the last two seasons.

Basically it would be trading Mejia and two expiring contracts for starting pieces that are under control for the next 3 to 5 seasons.Even if you have to pay a majority of Beltran’s contract it would be worth it since Upton’s deal is very reasonable.

Sounds like there will be a ton of Jose Reyes rumors this offseason. Buckle up.

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5 Responses to Reyes and Beltran to Arizona Rumor

  1. Paul

    It seems like a good deal from the Mets perspective, but I can’t quite see why Arizona would want to do it.

    Besides, I’ve learned not to take any of the off-season rumors very seriously — especially the ones in foreign language publications.

  2. joey

    “He’s not as good defensively as Reyes”

    The stats don’t agree, and Alderson probably knows that.

  3. Marco

    That would be a horrible trade. Stephen Drew and Upton would be huge busts with the Mets. Drew has 15 HR power and just cracked the 350 OBP mark for the first time ever this year. Reyes has surpassed that a few times. Uptons #’s on the road are horrible and are inflated by playing in Arizona.

    The Mets trading Reyes would be a HUGE mistake that they will never be able to overcome. It’s a joke if they do.

  4. qudjy1

    That is a terrible terrible trade for AZ. Forget it – it wont happen. What would AZ have after 2011? They arent trading upton and Drew for that – considering they want 4 players just for upton… forget it.

  5. Pat

    Would be a bust for both teams. D’backs can’t take on salary, and would have no interest in trading away young and relatively affordable players for an aging Beltran and an injury-prone Reyes, both on the verge of free agency. The Mets would have no interest in acquiring solid but hardly outstanding players like Upton (a strikeout machine) and Drew (who’s rarely played a full season himself, and has only middling offensive numbers). If this trade happens, it’s a big mistake for both franchises.

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