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ESPN’s La Greca Calls Boomer & Carton Frauds

By Mike Silva ~ October 20th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, Sports Media Commentary.

Boomer and Carton, both Mets fans, rooting for Yankees behind home plate? Frauds!less than a minute ago via web

And he is right.

What a horrible experience having to be forced to watch Carton behave like a child on sugar behind home plate, and Mets fan Boomer Esiason wear a Yankees jacket. This had to be an appearance for MSG, or a gimmick to get Spike’s new comedy Blue Mountain State some publicity. Perhaps Carton is trying to get some more downloads for his Spike TV “Wayne’s World” videos that no one watches.

Worse yet, Carton was bragging about his Yankee Stadium record on the air yesterday. These two “Yankees fans” bailed out on the game after the seventh inning. What a joke!

Congrats Yankees fans, you had “Mets Fans for Yankees” jinx your playoff hopes, and scoot out of there early.

Boomer I am ashamed you since I thought you were better than this. As for Carton, you always have been, and will be, a fraud.

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2 Responses to ESPN’s La Greca Calls Boomer & Carton Frauds

  1. Patrick

    Carton has gotten nothing but worse since he picked up a WFAN morning Mic. He is such smoocher it is sickening.

  2. Phil Privitera

    New York should expect more from their talk radio then to have 2 clowns like Boomer and Carton. I tried, I mean I really tried to listen to Carton one morning and I lasted 15 minutes. He is terrible.

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