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What’s Up With Bobby V?

By Mike Silva ~ October 16th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

I am a bit surprised that Bobby Valentine hasn’t been hired as a manager yet. With Florida, Seattle, and Toronto now in his rearview mirror the number of available positions has dwindled. During an interview with Chris Russo on Sirius, Valentine gave you an inkling as to why he is no longer a candidate for the aforementioned jobs:

Russo: “Do you have it in your gut, does Bobby V. have the passion in his soul to go out there and manage another big league ball club before you retire, yes or no?”

Valentine: “Um, it’s probably there but it’s not this burning desire.  It needs to be, you know, cultivated.  It needs to come out to, you know, meet the right people that kind of bring it out to say, ‘Hey, listen, this is the group that we gotta go to battle with.’”

When the Mets were brought up here is what he had to say:

Russo: “The Mets?  Any thought about them at all or not?”

Valentine: “I have no, again, I don’t know what’s going on there.  And it’s all about the people and they don’t have anyone in place right now so obviously we’ll have to wait on that.”

Obviously who the Mets hire might determine whether Valentine is even seriously considered. We at NYBD have heard Bobby V is definitely someone the Wilpon’s would like to explore, but there are conflicting rumors on that front. If Sandy Alderson winds up taking the Mets GM position it seems unlikely someone like Valentine would be considered. Remember, just days ago there was an old Alderson quote which stated he believes “field managers are there to implement the organizations philosophy.” Perhaps Valentine and Alderson share the same philosophy, but Bobby V is an independent thinker and, let’s be honest, no one could believe the rift between him and former Mets GM Steve Phillips was all Phillips fault.

One theory, and I am totally speculating here, is that Valentine is waiting to see what happens with the Yankees. There still are rumors that Girardi will bolt at the end of the year. Brian Cashman even said to Mike Francesa this week that “no one person is bigger than the Yankees brand” which tells you the Yanks aren’t about to cave in to whatever Girardi desires. The Cubs are potentially still out there, and the situation in St. Louis has not been officially resolved. We reported here that Valentine would be a top candidate for the Yankees job if Girardi would leave after the season.

Another thought I have is whether Valentine is sitting back, enjoying his TV gig, and waiting to see what happens in Los Angeles. The divorce situation makes LA an undesirable location right now, but that could change. Don Mattingly is a first year manager who has his hands full. Can’t you see him falling on his face next year, and ownership looks to move forward with someone like Valentine? Remember, he does have a great relationship with Tommy Lasorda.

Anyway, just like when he managed, Bobby V. is a cauldron of mystery and controversy. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

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2 Responses to What’s Up With Bobby V?

  1. Shamik

    Sounds like he wants in on a big-time ballclub and he’s willing to wait to see if he gets any of those spots. He’s always got the analyst gig to fall back on so its really no skin off his nose.

  2. Craig

    Bring Bobby home – bring Bobby to CitiField!!!!!

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