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Wood and Pettitte Change the Dynamic

By Mike Silva ~ October 8th, 2010. Filed under: 2010 Playoffs, Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

As I said on last night’s postgame recap, my “Twins in Five” prediction for the ALDS might be the worst blunder in radio history.

With that said, it was hard to see all going right for the “Core Four,” even more surprising was Andy Pettitte returning to vintage form after a September that yielded an ERA close to seven. If the version of Pettitte is on display again for this season’s playoff the Yankees should be fine in any series, even if A.J. Burnett is given a start.

What is even better news for the Yankees is Kerry Wood, who threw 9 of 10 pitches for strikes yesterday, and looked every bit the vintage version from his Chicago days circa 1998. All summer I bemoaned the lack of consistency from the Yankees bullpen. It became less of an issue with David Robertson, and to a less of an extent, Joba Chamberlain, settled in sometime after the All Star Game.

Still, the Yankees needed a setup man and acquired Kerry Wood at the deadline. Because of the injury history, and recent struggles in Cleveland, it was hard to believe he would be any better than the enigmatic Chamberlain.

If Wood can be the dominant setup man this October I find it hard for any team, including the Phillies, to beat the Yankees. Even when he posted 0.69 ERA with the Yankees, he was walking close to seven batter per nine innings. It doesn’t take a great baseball mind to know walk rates like that will lead to trouble. If this version of Wood sticks around the late innings are locked up in a big way.

Yes, I was foolish for picking the Washington Generals to finally beat the Globetrotters. Shame of me, but even I need a pass because who could have predicted the performances of Kerry Wood and Andy Pettitte?

This totally changes the dynamic of the postseason and my outlook on the Yankees chances.

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2 Responses to Wood and Pettitte Change the Dynamic

  1. Steve from CT

    You’re giving up rather quickly, aren’t you Mike ??

    It’s been only two games. The Twins can still pull off three wins. Remember 2004 ??

  2. GDHebner

    I think every radio man that ever fired Howard Stern committed a greater blunder than picking the Twins in 5. I picked the Twins but solely because that’s what I wanted to happen, not necessarily because I believed it actually would. Luckily I put no money on this.

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