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Was the Omar/Jerry Leak Unfair?

By Mike Silva ~ October 2nd, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets, Sports Media Commentary.

Last night the SNY booth discussed the news that Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel will not return next season. They took a different position, rather than debate its merit, they took to task the actual act of someone leaking this news three days before the season ended. Cohen discussed how unfair it was to good men like Manuel and Minaya, Hernandez griped about the volume of media, Ron Darling went as far to call it “awful” on the air.

While I agree with Gary, Keith, and Ron about how hard this must be for the families of Omar and Jerry, its part of the business to handle the New York media. It’s been rumored for weeks that Jerry is gone. I was told about a month ago this very scenario was going to happen. Minaya’s status was a bit more unsolved because ownership wasn’t sold on firing him until recently. If not, it would have been out in the media. If someone like me with limited resources and money can obtain this type of information, then how can you expect information to be kept secret? Does the booth honestly think this is a surprise to both men? I am sure they talk to people throughout the industry. Did they ever think it was told to others by Omar himself? The guy talks to colleagues and I am sure mentioned that he believes he will be fired. The point is we just don’t know.

In the age of technology it’s impossible to keep your life a mystery unless you are completely off the grid. Sports figures, by the nature of their business, can’t live like that. Even Keith Hernandez was unable to go out on a date without the media finding out and reporting it on Page Six. I am sure he wasn’t thrilled that his divorce has become public. Unfortunately that is the price you pay when you sign a contract in sports. Celebrity comes with a price.

So while I understand what Gary, Keith, and Ron meant when they lamented the leaking of the Minaya/Manuel firing, they have to understand there is no turning back. If someone wants a job in the modern sports world this is part of the territory. Is it fair? No. Does it hurt? Yes. Will it change? No chance.

It would have been better served to spend more time debating how Minaya and Manuel got to this point instead of the media leak that came, officially anyway, three days too early.

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2 Responses to Was the Omar/Jerry Leak Unfair?

  1. RonOK

    Mie, what I found interesting is that Gary was hot on the point that the Mets own network was running with this so strongly … he was basically admonishing the Mets Pre-game Live show and other daily talk shows DNL, Loudmouths and Wheelhouse without mentioning them by name. I was surprised at that.

    I agree with your point about what the real topic should have been between G K & R …. that is, how they got into this mess.

    If you did notice, Gary took a jab at the front office for going into spring training have starting pitchers on “scholarships” which was an obvious reference to Perez and Maine …. Darling added that no pitcher should go to spring training with a guranteed spot in the rotation — other then a healthy Santana of course. I whole heartedly agree with that and hope that’s how the new regime will approach the builidng of the starting staff and entire roster for 2011.

    My disdain for the job Minaya has done goes very deep. How anyone could possible expect him back is a mystery …. how any of this could be a surprise is amazing ….

    Manuel seems like a great guy and has basicaly now become a sympathetic figure. As I have said many times, his in-game decisions do make you sctratch your head at times but I think he is a good guy who was handed a horrid roster and asked to do something no manager could do.

    Injuries have taken their toll the last two years — no doubt. But even if healthy, this team just dod not have what it took to be a “winner” ….

    This is going to be a very disappointing off-season because the Mets have such a bloated payroll that it will be hard to make any impact moves … I cannot see Wright or Reyes going in a trade …. after that, who do the Mets really have that anyone would want and be willing to pay top dollar for?

  2. Stu B

    “Celebrity doesn’t come with a price.” Huh?

    This statement seems to contradict the essence of this piece, which is that celebrity comes with a price.

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