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Sox Claim Damon? Manny Available?

By Mike Silva ~ August 23rd, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva.

Update: 5:30 PM

According to ESPN Johnny Damon was claimed by the Red Sox.

Original Post @4:30 PM

According to USA Today an “unidentified team” claimed Johnny Damon and the Tigers have two days to agree to a trade, pull him back, or simply let him walk.

Baseball sources also believe Manny Ramirez will be put on waivers this week and most likely end up with another team by the end of the month. Rumors have both the White Sox and Rays as possible destinations. It might behoove the Yanks to look into Ramirez, if only as a means to keep him away from Tampa. A healthy, motivated, and hungry Ramirez can change a lineup just like he did for the Dodgers back in 2008.

I suggested the Yankees look into Manny Ramirez around the trading deadline. They instead settled on Lance Berkman, who has been a disaster.

Either way, I believe the Yankees will be able to add a bat before the 31st that is more productive than Berkman.

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7 Responses to Sox Claim Damon? Manny Available?

  1. Viper

    There is zero chance Manny comes to the Yanks. None. Zip. Nada.

  2. R.D. Frable

    Many reports, led by SI and the NY Post, seem to think it’s the Red Sox that made the move. Nice… right as Sept. is approaching.

  3. Rich

    If the standings remain as they currently are the Yanks couldn’t stop Manny from being successfully claimed by Tampa if they put in a claim.

  4. Mike Silva

    That’s true, however we don’t know when/if Manny will be put on waivers. We don’t know what the standings will be as the week goes forward.

  5. Stu B

    We can be reasonably certain that Manny won’t have the same impact this year that he did with the Dodgers in ’08, assuming he’s off the juice…

  6. ruth

    if you like Manny and Johnny so much, you should’ve just been Red Sox fans. Build your own team. lol

  7. Stu B

    Ruth, contending teams are just trying to get help where they can – where a player played before doesn’t enter into it…

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