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What Will Make the Final Six Weeks Productive

By Mike Silva ~ August 9th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Mets.

It’s time to stop listening to the empty words of Jerry Manuel, Omar Minaya, and any of the members of the Mets 25 man roster. They can talk about what they need to do, but reality states they are not in a pennant race. Teams serious about winning are about 10 games over at this point in the season. With that said, the next six weeks can be productive and they already have taken steps in that direction by calling up Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada.

The Mets need to see what they have throughout their system for next year. The Buffalo reinforcements like Ike Davis, Chris Carter, Josh Thole, and R.A. Dickey are a big part of why they are even close to .500 at this point. September needs to become about what they have for 2011 and less about trying to pretend they are in a pennant race. Don’t try to fool the fans in order to drive up attendance by continuing to play Jeff Francoeur, Luis Castillo, or attempt to rush Jason Bay back. Let’s see them add more kids to the roster like Lucas Duda, Nick Evans, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Maybe even see if a Mark Cohoon or Roy Merritt can be a situational reliever for next year. The farm system may not be deep, but this year proved they have useful parts that can add value to the roster. For a team on a budget it’s essential to look under every rock for a potential 2011 member of the big league club.

Yes, September can be “fools gold” as there are players that have big moments in meaningless games (see Craig Brazell), but there is also players that use it to establish themselves in the big leagues (see Mike Jacobs) and become useful trade chips. I believe Josh Thole‘s stock would have dropped earlier this year if not for his performance last September. He was struggling at Buffalo, but we saw the kind of hitter he could be at the big league level. The Mets need to see that from others so better decisions can be made.

Hopefully the moves this weekend weren’t just a façade to pretend they are still in the race. Playing out the string has begun at Citi Field. Let’s hope September becomes an extended part of spring training and we get to see how some of the prospects fare at the big league level.

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1 Response to What Will Make the Final Six Weeks Productive

  1. Docta Mark

    Mike -

    I agree with you intellectually. But from an emotional standpoint, if everything you say is 100% true, then WHY don’t the Mets use this off day better than they used the All-Star Break or MON after the 2-9 road trip or the trading deadline? Why do they just rot?

    It’s one thing to free fall like this. The Mets have perfected the art of imploding under Minaya. In 2005, Willie had a 2-10 road trip in late AUG/SEPT and he probably did his best managing that SEPT.
    Maybe that led to them feeling confident in him for 2006. But as is the case in EVERY season Omar watches over them, he gambled on three old arms & only one made it to OCT. The rest is history.

    We all know how they imploded in ’07 and ’08. And last year, the one to me exposed Omar’s inability to be a GM on all levels, he let a team that was 28-21 coming off three excruiating seasons simply die on the vine. Tim Redding was last year’s salvation…
    They played 4 months without a major league shortshop. And all
    of that was just the on-field incompetence. Remember Tony B?

    Yet Jeff Wilpon lets him stick around despite not ever being an Omar supporter, even when he was in pennant races all year.
    Why can’t they use a day like today to REALLY shake this team
    up and put in an interim staff top to bottom. I’d call up the whole
    Buffalo coaching staff – hell half the team is here already? LOL.

    Seriously, I’d make this really simple. Stick that albatross of a signing Beltran in the 6 hole and tell him he’s playing RF vs. LHP when they bench Frenchy b/c Pagan is their future CF, not him!
    If he complains, tell him PSL is wide open for the rest of 2010.
    I’m sick of hearing how they don’t want to upset these players.

    They yank Neise the other night b/c the Diamondbacks beat him
    silly and he has to watch a GREAT start get pooched by the pen.
    They keep that ass boil OP eating sunflower seeds on the roster
    and deny Pat Misch at least a courtesy start for all his good work in AAA this year. It’s all so twisted to me. They suffer under the
    pissy darkness of Castillo moving from his 8 spot efforts where he bunts with the pitcher up next one inning, then takes a walk with a runner on 2nd and 2 outs the next one. Then they move
    him to the 2 hole and he pops up or fouls out 3x and kills rallies.

    All of this lands at Omar’s feet. Los Mets, Tony B., Tom Effin Glavine, the Pedro saga, El Duque, Moses Alou!, GMJ!!!!, and there’s probably more deadwood but those are who surfaced.
    Oh, Gary Sheffield! Another team first signing. There’s more!

    I know people will point to Omar’s positive moves. But show me
    a year they got BETTER as the year went on. Every single year
    he’s been the GM, the Mets must overachieve to compete. Omar
    always leaves them hanging by a thread. No mid-season moves.
    No creative trades. No coaching changes. No calling out of his core players in the media. No pressure guys. I’m signed til 2012.

    And then Fred bristles at the thought of him being gone! FML!

    It’s simple from here…Omar is like OP to me…just another bad contract the Mets won’t eat. Someone should send the sunflower
    seeds to the GM’s suite at Citifield on TUES night. OP can join him.

    Maybe Wally can be his final SEPT callup? MRF 08.09

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