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Is Jose Guillen Good for the Yankees?

By Mike Silva ~ August 6th, 2010. Filed under: Mike Silva, New York Yankees.

Back when the Yankees were discussing Joakim Soria with Kansas City a sticking point was the contract of Jose Guillen. NYBD was told that Dayton Moore was attempting to move the right fielders contract as part of the deal. Considering that he was owed over $4 million dollars it’s easy to see why nothing transpired. Now that KC has DFA’d Guillen, and clearing waivers is a certainty, the Yankees appear to have changed their tune on Guillen.

It appears the Yanks are confident their winning environment can keep the historically surly Guillen straight for the rest of the season. I guess from a numbers perspective I have trouble understanding a potential move for Guillen. He is a power bat, but doesn’t get on base at a high rate. He doesn’t fit the profile of a “Yankees type of hitter” even in his prime years. The rationale behind acquiring Austin Kearns was to have a right handed bat to sub for Curtis Granderson against lefties. Guillen has struggled against lefties this year (.621 OPS) although that is well below his career rate.

I said earlier in the week the Yankees are good at bringing in stars to play a lesser roles on a championship club. I just don’t know Guillen’s bat is special enough that he is worth a roster spot. When you factor in the attitude, although it would be hard to see him being too much of a problem, I don’t see very much upside with this type of move.

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3 Responses to Is Jose Guillen Good for the Yankees?

  1. Stu B

    I agree with Francesa, who calls Guillen, “a clubhouse disaster waiting to happen…”

  2. Viper

    The Yanks are interested in Jose Guillen?

    Says who – George King?

    LOL. The next time George King is right about ANYTHING will be the first time.

    Jack Curry says the Yanks don’t have any interest in Guillen and he’s a helluva lot more reliable than King.

    There are a lot of bad Yankee beat writers. But King undoubtedly tops the list.

  3. Stu B

    Are the Mets and Mariners talking Figgins? From rotoworld.com and ESPN New York…The Mets and Mariners have been very involved in trade discussions, and Chone Figgins could be the main piece of property that’s moved in any deal.

    This is mainly piecing a few things together to try to see what fits at this point. We know that the Mets and Mariners are talking trade. We know the Mariners shopped Figgins before the trade deadline and that he would almost surely clear waivers after the deadline. We know that Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada were scratched from their Triple-A lineups without any reason given. Put it all together and we could have a trade brewing. It’s possible Luis Castillo and/or Jeff Francoeur could be involved in the deal, as well.

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