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Hey Forbes Stick to Business not Baseball

By Mike Silva ~ August 5th, 2010. Filed under: Business of Sports, Mike Silva.

I guess everyone can opine about sports in the age of the internet.

On August 1st, David Lariviere of Forbes had this to say about the Mets inactivity at the deadline:

As constituted, the Mets have virtually no chance to play in the postseason for the first time since 2006. A 2-9 West Coast trip separated them from the Braves and Phillies in the NL East. The Mets are in dire need of more offense and the Nationals’ power hitter Adam Dunn is someone they could have targeted.

But Minaya appeared unable or unwilling to give up the couple of prospects required to improve the team. Another starter and reliever would have been useful as well but offense is the Mets’ primary need.

Some of the names the Lariviere mentions are Jorge Cantu, Adam Dunn, Matt Capps, and Edwin Jackson. Never mind that I doubt Larviere knows what “a couple of prospects” means in terms of talent, but how can you criticize the Mets for not acquiring Adam Dunn when none of the 29 other teams, including the Yankees, were able to either. Has he watched how this team’s season went down the bowl at the hands of a manager who can’t grasp probability? As a matter of fact, what credentials (do I have the right to say that considering I only own a “blog”) does Mr. Lariviere have opining about baseball? Mainstream loves to throw around credentials, but they are the first to ask anyone with a masters in journalism to write on a topic. Just because you majored in sentence structure doesn’t mean you know baseball.

Here is a thought. Could Forbes not worry about the Mets and explain to me why American companies are depressing salaries while Wall Street continues to reap in record profits? Do they realize in sports, unlike business, you can’t pretend things are ok because the standings will expose you? After Enron, MCI, and all the accounting scams shouldn’t they be digging into our country’s corporate structure and questioning executives? How about explaining to me how Wall Street became another version of Atlantic City and Las Vegas? Can you explain why companies are dumber today than at any point in our nation’s history? Better yet, if you want to talk about sports could you investigate a certain radio station in New York City that claims record ratings when more people are turning off the dial to go to the internet? Sounds a little like these shell company games that have become so popular.

There is a reason why big companies (see CBS and the Yankees) don’t know how to run sports teams. This article is perfect example as to why if Forbes ran the Mets you would have seen Bobby Parnell and Josh Thole for Brett Myers, Jenrry Mejia for Matt Capps, and Wilmer Flores for Edwin Jackson. Oh, the board of directors would be impressed with the activity because it would “show them” a team valued at $858 million is committed to winning. As if that will improve shareholder value like some empty community program in a quarterly prospectus.

Hey David, nothing personal, but next time you venture into something you know nothing about give me a call. I will answer any questions you have and tell you why the deadline activity by this “$858 million dollar team” actually was good for business.

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7 Responses to Hey Forbes Stick to Business not Baseball

  1. Mr North Jersey

    You must be very full of yourself to now sit there and cast judgment on who should or shouldn’t write about baseball.

    Casting judgment on a man because he write for Forbes that now he knows nothing about baseball? That sounds a lot like those media types that you harp on that cast judgments on those that just write for a blog.

    Maybe you should do what you do best whatever that is but somehow being judge and jury on who has the proper credentials to talk about baseball isn’t it.

  2. 86mets

    It would be nice to know exactly what is going on with this team financially. Though I guess revealing your financial situation to the public isn’t always good business. But it would help to clarify some things like is Omar restricted in making moves or is what many internet bloggers complain about him true? If they have no money to spend that would account for the relative inactivity of the team. But if money isn’t the problem, then this really is the worst run team in sports (at least MLB). One way or the other, the REAL problem with the Mets is ownership. If they’re losing money, whose fault is it? If they’re making money and not re-investing it in the team in some capacity, whose fault is it? Here’s a solution (tounge firmly in cheek)=with Nolan Ryan winning the Rangers auction, why not sell the Mets to Mark Cuban? Things would certainly never be boring! :)

  3. Emma

    Just because you majored in sentence structure doesn’t mean you know baseball.

    What’s that expression about those who live in glass houses?

  4. James K.

    LMAO. I don’t read this garbage site anymore but someone I know shared it to me on an RSS Reader. Love seeing this clown Silva lecture Forbes for discussing baseball, then he goes on to discuss business himself. Follow the money trail ya joke and keep distributing those cigarettes.

  5. JD

    Great title… now someone needs to write one called

    “Hey Silva Stick to Baseball not Business”

  6. David Lariviere

    Hey Mike:

    I won’t stoop to your level and question your credentials because mine are unquestioned. Do you really think it’s good baseball or good business to finish in third or maybe even fourth place in your division when the team on the other side of town could win another World Series? There’s a lot of teams that gave up good prospects that won’t make the playoffs, but at least they made an effort. Most of these prospects never pan out anyway if you really follow baseball. How about that Johan Santana trade? Minaya needed to pick up a bat and he didn’t. No excuse for it. And he’ll likely pay for it with his job. And switch to de-caf, would you?

  7. Mike Silva


    You are right. I should not have challenged your credentials, that’s unfair. I probably jumped the gun.

    The logic you use is exactly what this team has done to put themselves in a bad position. See Jason Bay for Steve Reed, Kazmir for Zambrano, as perfect examples. They could have traded a prospect for a player, but the change needs to happen with a manager and in how the construct a team. This season was lost in January, not July, and the fans would be even more angry if they made a rash move for the sake of it.

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